let us entertain you


So…I showed the kiddles (my pet name for the kids) the blog today, and they flipped the heck out! They thought it was the coolest thing EVER and were so excited that people were going to read about them. Little do they know I will be including the good with the bad, but that is for another post. I asked them if they wanted to say a few words, and they jumped at the chance. Here it goes – a post from the mouths of babes.

lookin’ all cute and stuff


“I love my mommy; I like my school. Oh, and especially jewelry. I have such a nice family, and I love popsicles too. I love doing crafts with grammy and grampy. I do not like to wake up in the morning when it is a school day. I like to read, plus I love spaghetti. My favorite name is Fou-Fou for a pet. I do not like when I’m sick.”


“I like getting presents from Santa. I do not like waking up in the morning. I like Cutie as a pet name. I love mommy. I play games at school and have fun. I love flowers. I like peace signs. My favorite food is…um…grapes. I love learning about God and Jesus.”


“I like walking like a man. I like chillin’ out in the sun at the beach and grammy and grampy’s pool. Piggy boxes and punches. I will give them (people) candy. Walkin’ like a man…hahahahaha. My favorite food is chicken paprikash.”


“I like the names Bob and Fred. I like a boxing moose. My favorite game is Star Wars, and my favorite food to eat is chicken log (chicken legs). I like bugs on a log, and I like mashed potatoes on mashed potatoes. I like cake with mashed potatoes on it.”

Please keep in mind they were fighting and picking on each other the entire time I was typing. Ahhh, the joys of motherhood! Peace out.


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  1. Rhett and I just read the comments from the kids and we can’t stop laughing! My new favorite thing is going to be stalking your blog for new posts:)

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