Hello and welcome! This is my first attempt at blogging, so we’ll see how this goes. Between the five of us, there’s a lot of craziness that goes on, and I’m sure someone’s bound to get a laugh.

You might as well meet “the fam.” I’m Stephanie, divorced mom of four, public health professional, and lover of all things chocolate. I took up running as a way to lose weight and de-stress four years ago and haven’t stopped. I am very fortunate to have a boyfriend who loves me and puts up with all of us. He is absolutely wonderful and is the love of my life <tear>.

Raymond and me. don’t we look so cute?

My oldest is Alexandra, aka “The Drama Queen.” She’s 7, going on 17 or 27 or occasionally 2. I think one day she’ll win an Oscar. All kidding aside, she is a very bright and thoughtful girl who tries to take care of all of us. She is very smart with a bit of perfectionist thrown in.


Next is Adrianna, my Banana, my Doodle, my Annie, my… this kid has too many nicknames. She’s 5 and owns her place as the middle child. She’s quite a  bruiser and can deliver a beat-down to her sister and brothers, but she can also be very sweet. You know you’re special when she wants to cuddle with you.


Next come the four-year-old twins, double trouble! Cole is the older of the two by a whopping four minutes. He’s a sensitive guy and a definite momma’s boy. He actually appeases me when I want to pretend like he’s still a little baby, but I better not say that too loud and embarrass him.


Rounding out “the fam” is Cael, my rough-and-tumble little man. There is never a dull moment with him, and he is incredibly creative. He used to be prone to yellow days, but the behavior is improving, at least at school. I always look forward to bedtime with him because he is so cute when he leans over the bunk bed to give me a goodnight kiss.


Make sure you stop back and visit us soon!

SAY CHEESE! family pic at Headlands Beach in Mentor


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