shopping day recap from the girls


We had an extremely eventful shopping trip today. I am going to write my own post about this, but Lex and Annie wanted to share their account. This is copied word-for-word, and they even got to pick colors. Take it away, girls!

Alexandra: “It was a kind of a weird shopping trip, but I liked it. We got Chick-fil-A, the best thing on earth, and Malley’s! I got a puppy dog sundae. Plus beautiful high heels, just like my mom, and a pretty dress for Christmas. We were with (great great) Aunt Patty. When I saw a stage, I thought it was a runway and flipped out! I did like a model a little bit but then I stopped. Mom kinda made me. I did not like it, but I did not want to make her mad because I was good. We got a list to send to Santa Claus; love that dude! Goodbye…oh, P.S. my new nickname is Phyllis Nefler. If you didn’t know what it’s from, it’s from Troop Beverly Hills. Adios, amigos!”

Adrianna: “We had fun at shopping, and it was a little weird from the brothers because they were messing around. We got new dresses. We got new shoes, and we went with Mommy and Aunt Patty. And we went to a couple stores. And we saw a fashion model, and it was at Macy’s. We got gum. We saw our cousin Savannah. Oh, by the way, when we saw the runway, we kinda freaked out. Oh, we saw our cousin Mackenzie. By the way, we love jewelry, and we like high heels. And my favorite food is…um…noodles. I like noodles. My sister’s a drama queen. The end!

There you have it! Thanks, girls, for your fabulous contribution.

girls with their dresses at Macy’s

fashion models


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