big girls’ day!


On the drive to work this morning, I started feeling, well, pretty crappy. My kids went with their dad yesterday, and after the crazy week we had, I was very happy to see them go (I love my kiddles, but momma needs a break). I was thinking about them on the drive, especially Alexandra. She is my oldest, and I expect a lot more from her than I do from the others. Nothing frustrates me more than when she behaves like a baby. I mean it drives me freakin’ nuts! I know why she does it; it turns the attention to her. Good attention, bad attention, it doesn’t matter. I was on her case a lot last week, to the point where she was crying (bad mom alert). She kept telling me that it is so hard being a big girl. I felt really badly about this and wanted to do something with just her. She very rarely gets time with just me, and I know that’s all that she wants. I mean really, who doesn’t want to be an only child at times?! I know I did. It seemed like every time I turned around, my parents were bringing home another one. Poor Lex feels the same way. I decided that she and I were going to have a big girls’ day, just a little Mom and Lexi time 🙂

It took prying the other kids off of me first, and then we were off. First we stopped at the bank, and she got to do the transaction for me (she thought this was super cool). My bank is in KMart, so we decided to look around. The ulterior motive – get some ideas for Christmas. She didn’t even know what to look at first. We stopped by the clothes, shoes, toys, jewelry, and hair accessories (girl after my own heart…makes a mom proud). The best find of the night, according to Alexandra: footie pajamas that would actually fit her.

“these are fabulous!”

Dinner was next on the agenda, and it was her pick. Lex is a big Bob Evan’s fan, so that’s where we went. And I can’t pass up a good turkey dinner. We went in, got seated, and the feasting began!

ready to tear up some chocolate chip pancakes

many important events in my life revolve around turkey dinners

It was so nice to spend time with my daughter and be able to focus all of my attention on her, something I haven’t been able to do for almost 6 years, and she loved it too ❤

scary up close shot of Lex and me on our big girls’ day


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