let us give thanks (part 2)


It’s week 2 of giving thanks! Here’s my list of another seven things that I am very thankful for.

Hair extensions: I was not blessed with genetically good hair, although my siblings were quite lucky, in my opinion. To put it bluntly, my hair sucks. The natural color is dull, and it’s fine in texture. In come the hair extensions. I don’t use these often, just for special occasions when I want to pretend I have supermodel hair. They’re not a full-on weave, just some clip-in pieces. I love them, and don’t care if they’re fake (haters gonna hate). My “hair” looks fabulous.

Sare and me rockin’ our extensions on her wedding day. Tracy’s hair is real 🙂

Oreo cookies: My love for Oreo cookies goes back to my childhood when I would sleep over my Pop and Gram’s and have midnight cookie runs with my Uncle Joe when he lived at home. I think these are, by far, the best cookie ever. My way to eat them is sufficiently sogged (not even sure if this is a real word) in milk. I have this down to a science now, knowing exactly how long to leave the cookie in the milk so it has the perfect amount of milk saturation without breaking apart in the glass. I can polish off a row in no time, and I’m hungry just thinking about it.

My job: I am so fortunate for my job because there are so many people today who can’t say this. I started as an intern in summer 2002. After I graduated college in 2003, I came back to work as an intern, and as I like to say, they couldn’t get rid of me. I celebrate my official 9-year anniversary as a full-time employee on Saturday. Happy Anniversary to me!

Hand sanitizer: My family is probably laughing at this one, as they call me a “germaphobe.” I don’t know how much of a germaphobe you can be with kids, but I love me some hand sanitizer, especially from Bath & Body Works. I don’t use it as a replacement for washing hands, just in addition to washing and for those times when you can’t run to a sink. It’s especially handy when we encounter really disgusting places, like fast food restaurant playlands, public bathrooms, and anyplace you come in contact with animals (I’m not an animal lover, sorry). I don’t leave home without it.

My divorce: Let me clarify before I write this statement, because I can already feel some people’s panties getting in a bunch. I don’t think divorce is great; it’s hard for everyone involved, and I’m especially sorry that my kids had to go through it. What I would like to say is it made me a better, stronger person. It taught me that I didn’t have to rely on anyone else, that I deserved to be treated like a priority instead of being taken for granted, and that makes me happy.

Five Below: This store is ah-maze-ing! If you haven’t shopped there, you should. Think of it as an upscale dollar store where everything is $5 or less, and they have a little bit of everything. I did some Christmas shopping there last night and got 2 presents for each child, plus a few stocking stuffers, a pair of slip-on shoes for me, and a gift to donate to Toys for Tots, and it was less than $60!

The Oxford comma: I am sure most people don’t know what this is when they only see the name, but it’s that comma you add after the conjunction when you are listing three items or more, like saying I love chocolate, heels, and running. Without it, one might think that heels and running are grouped together, but that comma lets you know they are separate. I hate that people don’t find it necessary to use this comma when writing anymore. This was the way I was taught in elementary school, and I’m not changing.

So, I ask everyone again, what are you thankful for this Thanksgiving season? 🙂


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  1. First, I laughed about the Oreos and hair extension. Second, I’m so with you about the comma separating three different things. Finally, I’m feeling very unloved seeing super absorbent tampons, hair extensions, stores, shoes, etc. have made the list and I have not! I better make it this month or I’m disowning you as a sister;)

  2. I love this! Never knew you wore hair extensions! I am with you on soggy Oreos, but not breaking off in the glass! I am thankful for wonderful family and lifetime friends like you!

  3. I’m thankful for becoming part of ZTA and finding the most wonderful big! I know we aren’t as close, mostly due to proximity, but I will always look up to you! And thankful for facebook, so that I may stalk you and your beautiful family! You are so amazing! Love you, Steph!

  4. As I am going through these, I can’t help but say I am thankful shoes I can move in all day! Sorry doesn’t make it up there with the shoe porn. Not to say that my inner diva’s heart doesn’t skip a beat for spiky and sexy shoes or boots for sure! Especially in RED! Or the embellished cowboy boots! I wore my traditional but well loved cowboy boots to school last Friday and when I slipped on the usual garbage dropped on the cafeteria floor I did resemble a cowgirl on a bucking bronco! I managed to stay up but barely. Points for me. Oreos are great but in our house it was the original Sunshine Hydrox cookies soaked in milk. Unfortunately when they took out the bad stuff, they lost the great flavor I remember from childhood. Now it’s Oreos!

    Another thankful item is my iPad courtesy of my little bro! Just love this thing! Best part, they have casino games! My last adventures to a live casino netted me some fun but nothing to add to my nonexistent bank account. So why spend money when I can have just as much fun at home! What the heck, I’m a cheap date just ask Steve.

    Wine and coffee but not always in that order. Sometimes coffee first. Much cheaper than prescription drugs! Back in 2008 after a particularly difficult time the doctor prescribed meds but really didn’t like the way they made me feel. The coffee helps depression and the wine anxiety. Good mix for me. So I enjoy a few cups of this and a few glasses of that to keep things in balance.

    I’ll save the sappy stuff for later, too…

    Love ya kiddo! And hope my most comfortable shoes serve me well on our girls day on Sunday.

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