lady killers


Today was picture day at Cole and Cael’s preschool/daycare. I was pretty happy about this because last year, they were unable to get pics taken at school. I knew the little men needed to look on point, so we started Operation Picture Prep last night. It began with haircuts. I cut their hair at home because it saves me a lot of money and looks the same as if I took them somewhere.

Cael with his new look

and Cole (he’s so happy about his new hair)

Then came a good scrub in the tub. They emerged, all clean and ornery.

smiles and headlocks

now just all smiles

Picture day morning was a little crazy trying to get all 5 of us ready. I usually have no problem with this, but the boys needed to look extra special. Unfortunately, I didn’t really wake up early enough, so we spent a lot of time rushing. I also spent time fighting with Cole who didn’t want to tuck in his dress shirt, and he decided he was going to strip off his outfit and hide it from me. Lex, being the big girl that she is, gave him some kind of pep talk, and he emerged from the bedroom happy and fully dressed (THANKS, Lex!!!!!) Believe it or not, Cael listened this morning, for the most part.

Cole, happy and dressed…again

Cael was in love with his Angry Birds outfit

But they weren’t done yet. A little hair spray later, the lady killers were ready for preschool pics.

CHEESE! do these stuffed animals make us look sexy?


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