adventures in christmas shopping



Not gonna lie. I’m kinda proud of myself right now. Why, you ask? I am completely done Christmas shopping for the kiddles!!!! HOLLA! For the past couple years, I’ve been cutting it close and finishing my shopping a few days before Christmas. The fact that I am done before Thanksgiving is monumentous!

I got an early start a few weeks ago when I had to get birthday gifts for my niece at Toys R Us. Wasn’t planning on shopping but scored some great deals. Managed to get a gift for each kid, plus birthday gifts for my niece and a Christmas present for her sister for only $100!

Raymond and I did a little more shopping this week at Five Below. I LOVE this store and already sung its praises in an earlier post (let us give thanks part 2). I was able to get two things for each kid, a little something for me, and a Toys for Tots present for less than 60 bucks.

That brings us to the major shopping trip today. Being a cash-strapped mom, I opted for layaway and decided on K Mart because they have clothes and toys, which are things the kiddles asked for. Raymond and I went there after work and were greeted by this sign that made us both laugh.

news flash, K Mart, November 21 is Wednesday…haha

Don’t worry, everything was fine after the sign mix-up. I had specific requests from the kiddles and was able to get most everything on their list. I was so excited to fill the cart! And Raymond was a great sport with the whole things. He has put up with me and my Christmas shopping for the past few years, and I love him for that.

“sweet Jesus, are we done yet?”

yay! i love Christmas shopping!

After this, we headed to layaway. Easy peasy lemon squeezey, as Adrianna would say. My items were boxed, I paid my 10% of the total, and I walked away with a sense of satisfaction that I got my kids some fantastic gifts.

Of course there were some last minute items that made it into the cart, and I just bought these and brought them home.

last minute items. i couldn’t resist.

Thanks, Raym, for putting up with me. I love shopping with you and wish you could be there to see the kiddles open the gifts instead of basking in the Hawaiian sun (okay, I know you don’t bask but you’ll be warm and toasty while we’re freezing). I’ll make sure we take a lot of pictures.

Soooooo, Merry Christmas, a little early.

a little post-shopping celebration with my love

What gifts are you most looking forward to giving or receiving? 


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