deck the halls!


While most people spent Black Friday shopping, the kiddles and I were putting up our Christmas tree. I don’t believe in getting anything decorated before Thanksgiving, and I hate the way society tries to bypass this fabulous holiday and go straight to Christmas. I have to admit the Christmas carols playing in Giant Eagle the day before Thanksgiving made me a little testy, but now that we feasted and gave thanks, I’m ready!

Luckily, Raymond helped me get everything out of my attic before the big day. For having a small house, I have a ton of Christmas stuff. His face was priceless when I kept handing him bins and bags. I wish I took pictures.

I don’t do a real tree. They smell great and all, but I think they are a mess and a fire hazard. I have to worry about enough things, and catching my house on fire because of a real tree isn’t one of them. Also, I am absolutely positive that my kids would knock it over.

Here’s the house, pre-tree.

kiddles doing the heavy lifting

Before we put the tree together, we had to put Santa and his reindeer in the window. This was a special decoration of my grandma’s, and I love it. It plays music and is animated, but we don’t plug it in. The kids find it too fascinating and can’t keep their hands off of it.

kiddles carrying Santa to his rightful place

The kids were super excited to get the tree up. I was mildly excited. The problem with the tree is we have to unpack it, put it together, and then spread out all of the branches so it doesn’t look like complete crap. The kids don’t care if it looks like crap; they just want to hang ornaments. Thankfully, they helped a little.

I only have so much patience, so we just put up the tree and decorated it on Friday. That is really the only thing the kids care about. I usually wait to put up the other things when they are sleeping. I have a lot of nice things that I don’t want broken, and since the tree is the main attraction, they were happy, very happy.

Merry Christmas, readers!

Indeed, Merry Christmas (or Happy Holidays or Happy Kwanzaa or Happy Hanukkah or…)


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  1. I agree…I do not like anything Christmas before Thanksgiving…but, this year, we had to get/decorate our tree before Thanksgiving – Daddy is away (most of the time) & since this was when he was home before Christmas, this is when we were able to do it as a family.

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