giving thanks


My family always has a great Thanksgiving, and it is the holiday I look forward to the most, mainly for the eating. Christmas roast beef and Easter ham got nothing on Thanksgiving turkey and all the delicious side dishes. This post is gonna be heavy on the pictures, light on text because I’m tired, and it’s been a busy day.

I started the holiday off making a caramel apple pie. This was only the second pie I made in my life.

before the top crust was added

final product. eat your heart out, betty crocker!

Thanksgiving morning, the kiddles and I drove out to my parents’ to visit before heading to my sister’s house. I don’t ever remember a Thanksgiving where the weather was so nice!

look, mom, no coats!

the grandkiddles (minus 2) with grammy and grampy

We got to my sister’s house, and Thanksgiving cooking was in full swing. We had some time to visit with the fam before the feasting.

thanks, aunt tracy & uncle stevie, for the pre-christmas gifts!

rhett, sarah, & sophia – the thanksgiving hosts

Raymond got there shortly after we did. I was very excited for him to join us because this was the first major holiday we have been able to spend together ever.

it’s turkey time! one of our birds.

This is a (blurry) pic of my niece who decided she was going to become a human Swiffer when she hid underneath my sister’s bed. She emerged covered in dust and dog hair. As Sarah said, “Don’t see, don’t clean.”

savannah the human swiffer

stevie giving me a disapproving look over something

We have had this pass-around gag gift/wanna-be family heirloom for quite a few years now. My brother picked up this ridiculous bellows from Goodwill one year, wrapped it up all pretty, and gave it to me as a birthday gift. I kept this thing and bestowed it upon him when Tracy and he moved in their house in Columbus. Well, this Thanksgiving was Sarah’s turn to receive the gift. Don’t worry, Susannah, it will be yours someday.

the bellows taking its rightful place on the mantle

Finally, it was time to eat! I am known for being the last one to finish my Thanksgiving meal, mainly because I complete gorge myself. Sadly, I only had room for one plate this year.

the main event

saying a little grace, being the “good” catholics that we are

the kid table. pay no attention to the grumpy one in the back left.

After all of that food, we needed a little walk.


During the walk, my girls were a bit ridiculous, insisting that Raymond and I were going to “kiss at sunset in front of the Taj Mahal and that is how we’d know our love is true.” (They have been watching entirely too much Cheetah Girls One World.) I mean seriously, the poor man has only been to one holiday, and he has to put up with this? When we got home, Lex decided she was going to plan a wedding.

Well, at least he was a good sport about it and got to kiss the “bride.” (Thanks, Raym)

Round two was next – desserts!

Now we were all sufficiently stuffed and tired and thankful for a wonderful day of family and food. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone enjoyed their day 🙂


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