let us give thanks (kids’ edition)


The kiddles are getting in the spirit, and they wanted to do a post on some things that they are thankful for. Here it goes. “Kiddles, what are you thankful for?”

Adrianna: Putting up the Christmas tree. For the presents that Mommy got. That we went to Aunt Sarah’s and had dinner. Having to put the ornaments on the Christmas tree. I’m thankful for putting up the Christmas decorations (There’s a lot of Christmas things in there.) I’m thankful for when Mommy tapes us when we dance to Gangnam Style. I’m thankful for staying at Grammy and Grampy’s.

Alexandra: My family. Food and water. Movies. Baking cookies with Grammy, oh yeah! I’m thankful for, let’s see, you know, those chips with the lines. I love those; they’re like potato chips and I like to dunk them in ranch. I’m thankful for my baby doll, Brianna. I’m thankful for my teacher. 

Cael: For my Mommy, like this (insert kisses here), and my Dad. The couches. My leg. My arm. Earrings I put in my ears (this kid has no earrings). Snow on my head. Coats. Shirts and pants. Our Christmas tree. Punching on the Wii. 

Cole: I’m thankful for the ornaments and the Christmas tree and for Santa and for Jesus. Ice cream. Punching on the punching bag. I’m thankful for Mommy and Daddy. For our house. For the Christmas tree stuff. For watching movies. For the lights on the Christmas tree. 


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