why do you run?


I went for a little run/walk today with Raymond. This was the first time we have run together in I don’t even know how long, probably a year or so. Unfortunately, grad school has occupied most of his time, and running has taken a back seat for a while. Also, I am usually way too slow to keep up with him.

While we were running, I was thinking of all of the reasons why I like to run. Here’s a short list.

  1. It makes me healthier. Of course I want to look slim and trim, but running and other types of physical activity do more than that. The healthy benefits you can’t see, like increased cardiovascular health and decreased cancer risks, are more important than toned legs, right?
  2. It makes me a better mom. You can ask my kids, when I am stressed, I am not very pleasant (sorry, kiddles, mom loves you, but sometimes you drive me nuts!). Running helps alleviate stress, which makes the kids and me happy. I like nothing more than coming back from a run and feeling like I can take on anything, even four rambunctious kids. Bring it!
  3. It gives me a goal to work towards. I love having a big race to train for! My running is more consistent, and I feel like I am making progress when I can check training runs off my calendar. Plus, all of the hard work is totally worth it when I cross that finish line on race day.
  4. It is a life-long fitness activity. Running is a great sport because it doesn’t matter if you’re 20 or 70, you can still successfully be a runner. You may not be as fast or be able to cover as far a distance, but you can still find satisfaction in doing a sport you love. How many football players can say that?
  5. I can indulge in goodies that I love. I know this is a horrible reason and I am sure it will catch up with me when I’m older, but I like being able to have completely indulgent snack, like the absolutely delicious one I had tonight. Because Raymond and I ran, we treated ourselves to a little Malley’s 🙂

hot fudge sundae with pecans…heaven

Sooooo, why do you run? 


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  1. I run for verrrry similar reasons. I run so I can brag (not many people get out to run 10+miles) I run so I can EAT..and I mean eat literally anything and everything. I run to stay healthy and trim, I run to challenge myself! Mentally AND physically!

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