sick day


I knew that when I sent my daughter to school today I was going to get a call from the nurse. She woke up this morning complaining that her stomach hurt, but since there was no headache or fever, I sent her. An hour and a half later, I got the call. She was still sick and now running a low-grade fever, so home we went. Lex took her place on the couch and waited for the medicine to kick in.

I decided that if I was home, I was going to be productive. Laundry, dishes, vacuuming…nope, not that kind of productive. I colored my hair šŸ™‚ I recently started doing this again after a few years of only adding highlights occasionally. I don’t get it done anywhere (too cheap for that), so I just grab a box that looks good. Sometimes this works, and sometimes it doesn’t. I have some pretty horrible horror stories, and I would like to add that I did the gray/lavender combo before Kelly Osborne, although mine was unintentional. I think it worked well this time. For anyone looking to do their hair at home, I highly recommend the John Frieda Precision Foam Color.

hello, light blonde hair. i missed you.

By this time, Lex was feeling better, which made me happy. She wanted her nails painted, and I though, why not? She picked out hot pink with black crackle (little fashionista). After I painted her nails, she wanted to repay the favor by polishing my toes. I was a littleĀ apprehensiveĀ about this, but a girl’s got to practice her painting skills somewhere.

So between coloring my hair and the “pedicure”, my sick day turned into a spa day! Thanks, Lex, and feel better!

Moms or dad, what do you do to occupy your time at home with a sick kid (besides take care of the kid, of course)? šŸ™‚


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  1. Wait for the next one to get sick. It always happened with you guys! Seriously, with multiple children, just loved that one
    up and enjoyed the one on one. Glad she’s feeling better!

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