family christmas pics


Every year, my mom tries to get all of the grandkids together for Christmas pictures. This was fairly successful when there were only about 3 or 4 kids, but since we have grown to 7, it is almost damn near impossible to go somewhere and get them taken. Thankfully, this is where Michelle Capp comes in! She is a friend of mine from high school who took up photography a little while ago. She’s done baby pics for my sister and friends, family pics for me, and wedding pics for others. She comes right to the house with all of her props and takes the pics or she will meet you on location somewhere. The greatest thing about Michelle is gives you all of the pics she takes, so you can use and/or print whichever ones you want (If you’ve read my earliest blog posts, there are quite a few pics that Michelle took of the kids and me).

We had our picture session today. I have to admit – I was worried. My kids love getting their pictures taken, but what they don’t love so much is listening. We got to my sister’s house for pictures and quickly got the kids dressed in their nice clothes. I wasn’t going to let them ride for an hour in fancy dresses or dress shirts and pants. We had to do a few touch ups, but about 10 minutes after we arrived, we were all photo ready!

Poor Michelle. She had to not only content with getting 7 children to take a halfway decent picture. She had to worry about all of us adults getting in the way as we are trying to snap shots with our phones and iPads. At least she was a good sport about it šŸ™‚

Here are some of the pics I took. Michelle’s will definitely look better, and I will post some when I get them back. Thanks again, Michelle, for a great picture session!










the magnificent 7


a moment of cuteness before the fighting


glamour girls


sare and me. we didn’t plan this, but we normally end up dressing alike.



cute little family


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