i retract my post!


How quickly things change in less than a month. In November, I was singing my gym’s praises. Now, I want to tell them to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. Apparently, they changed owners, and to be blunt, I think they suck majorly. This post is filled with complaining, so stop reading now if you don’t want to hear it…consider yourself warned.

First bad thing is they started charging for daycare. The main reason I joined this gym was for free daycare! It was such a major perk, and my kids actually like going. My monthly fee is now double. It’s still inexpensive as far as gym memberships go (approx. $20 a month), but that’s not the point. I am not made of money, and even an extra $10 can make a difference when I am living paycheck to paycheck. I am sure other moms and dads feel the same way I do about this. I am interested in how many people stop going because of the charge.

Secondly, they fired/let go some of the nicest, friendliest staff members! Bye, Ryan. Bye, April. You two were absolutely awesome, and we miss you. Hello, Douchebag now working the front desk.  And to the snappy girl who informed me of the price increase – your attitude sucked. A little customer service training and compassion might do you some good, unless, of course, excelling in being a bitch is your goal in life. And you lied. I have been checking the bulletin board in the women’s locker room since there were rumors of membership changes, and NOTHING was posted about price increases. When you told me things have been posted around the entire gym for at least a month in that snotty voice full of vocal fry, I wanted to reach over the front counter and rip that ratty ass bun right off your head.

Finally, I feel like the gym is trying to cater to meatheads. Yoga guy with a great following – yeah, let’s fire him. Moms and dads who bring their kids – let’s charge them extra. Members who love the variety of classes – let’s scale back on that. Regardless of whether or not the previous owner was shady, at least the gym seemed to cater to all of their members – young or old, male or female, completely fit or completely flabby. They wanted to appeal to all. I feel like the only people who get great treatment around there now are the ones with muscles so big they can barely fit in the doorway.

Here is my comparison of then and now.


this gym is great. it’s for all kinds of people, even us!


enough said

I am sure by now some of you are wondering why I will continue to be a member if I complain so much. Here are the quick reasons.

1. This gym is literally 3 minutes from my house and actually has a daycare. This give me no excuse not to work out. Even a place that is 10-15 minutes away can seem like a hassle when I have to pack the kids up, get a workout in, and get home in time for bath and bed time.
2. Their daycare (at least at this time) offers the longest workout time. I have checked into other options, and they offer an hour. This gym offers two. It is perfect when I have do to longer training runs because I can get about 12 miles in during that time.
3. The daycare is open 6 out of 7 days a week, and during 4 of those days, they offer 2 different sessions. Daycare is also open later than other places.
4. I still have 2 months left on my contract. I signed up for a $10 a month plan last February, and I had to commit to at least 1 year before cancelling.

We’ll see how these 2 months go. Thanks for listening to my ranting; I feel so much better.


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  1. It’s sad that they let Ryan and April go. They also banned me because I found a better trainer back in January and my friend Tony because he is dating one of their ex’s. Lots of shady stuff going on in that gym.Hope everything is going ok. But if they see this post, they will kick you out as well. :-/ that’s just how they are.

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