it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas


Okay, so it doesn’t really look like Christmas outside (and I am completely fine with no snow), but it definitely does in my house! I was a bit of a slacker and haven’t done a bit of decorating since the kiddles and I put up the tree on Black Friday, but today was the day to finish.

I promised my kids another tree, one that they could decorate with the kid-friendly ornaments, mostly so they would leave my main tree the heck alone. You would think that by this age they wouldn’t really find it all that fun to pull ornaments off, etc., but I was wrong. I think more things have been broken this year than any other year.

So, here it is, our Christmas house, starting with the tree.


just kidding!!! (this is elyria country club’s tree. it looks too pretty not to share)

Here’s the real tree.


finally finished

The kiddles’ tree


decorating in progress


finished product


special decorations that i don’t want broken


even the tv gets a little bit of christmas added to it


last but not least, stockings…and a cute kid

Are you done with your Christmas decorating? What have your kids broken this year? 


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  1. It all looks so nice. Glad the kids like their tree. If you remember correctly, I didn’t have much in the way of breakable ornaments when you were little. We didn’t have a really pretty tree until we moved into the house – we had a well loved tree at the condo with ornaments setting in the dry sink to be rehung every evening! Lol!

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