super duper date night


It’s Friday night, and I spent it with three of the four kiddles. Lex had a sleepover at her BFF’s, and the others were feeling slighted since they had to stay home with me (horrible, I know). I decided to be a cool mom for once and planned a fun evening.

First stop was Steak n’ Shake! Who can resist milkshakes? Unfortunately, no one, and the wait was a little crazy. Thankfully, the kids behaved relatively well, and we finally got a table. Date night with 3 of the 4 :-)

I was surprised because we got through an entire meal without Cole and Cael flirting with the waitresses. I don’t think this has ever happened.

Also, this is too cute not to share – Cael’s reaction after he told the waitress he was done but I told him no.


“for the love of the children!”

We got home, and it was quick bath time to get ready for our movie. What date night is complete without dinner and a movie…and a sleepover in the living room? 🙂


“thanks, mom! you’re the bestest!”

Note: Of all of the movies the kids could watch, they picked He-Man and She-Ra The Secret of the Sword, which made me laugh. Love me some She-Ra, but when I see He-Man, I can’t think of anything else besides this video:


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