a whole lot of excited…and a little nervous


Now that reality has finally set in that I was picked to be one of the twelve official bloggers for the Cleveland Marathon, I can focus on the goal which is running my fourth marathon! Four marathons in what will be a year and a half’s time. That just sounds so cool to me! I’ve been itching to do another since the Columbus Marathon, and I am beyond excited for this experience. If you haven’t heard this from me before, I will say it again that 2013 is my redemption year. I had an absolutely craptastic race in CLE last year. I got hurt a month before the race and had to stop training for a while. To make matters worse, the weather on race day was excruciating – hot, humid, sun beating down, zapping every ounce of energy. Needless to say, I was a hot mess. What should have been a 4:30-4:45 marathon turned into a 5:22 marathon. Whomp whomp 😦 In my frustration I said I would never run CLE again, but I just couldn’t stand the thought of the race beating me. I knew that I needed to give it another shot and conquer the 26.2. This is my chance.

With the excitement comes a little worry. Can I really do this again? Will I have time to train the way I need to in order to run a good race? Am I going to have bathroom issues? Will I get hurt this year? Will the weather be as horrible as 2012’s? All of these questions and more are going through my mind, and one thing I am really going to focus on during this training period is positive thinking. I, unfortunately, am a pessimist, so this is not always an easy task. I know I can put in the miles during training, and I know I can run this race. The problem is when I completely bomb a training run or deviate from my schedule, I start losing confidence and doubting my abilities. I even start questioning whether or not I am a “real runner.” I just need to remind myself that although I am not a fast runner or someone who runs every single day, I am a good, consistent runner. And in the end, we all finish the race the same way – one step at a time.

What Cleveland Marathon race are you running in 2013 (marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K)? What are you most excited about? What do you worry most about during training or races? 


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  1. I haven’t run a full, but I’ve done 3 half marathons. It helps me to start my training schedule 1-2 weeks early, that way I have a week or 2 to ‘slack’ off – usually it comes in handy for me when I over schedule myself with doing things for the kids. Just my 2 cents!

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