christmas party time


small scholars university teachers and kiddles

Every year, my daycare/preschool, Small Scholars University-Firelands Campus, has a Christmas program and party where the kids sing songs, exchange cookies, and celebrate. I love going and haven’t missed one since Alexandra started there in 2006. It is a highlight of my year because nothing gets you in the Christmas spirit like little kids singing Christmas carols or attempting to, at least. Some years have been pretty funny, especially when it is someone else’s kid(s) not following directions, though since Cole and Cael have started going there, it is usually my kids.

With Adrianna and Alexandra in school, today was Cole and Cael’s special day. We started the festivities last night when we made pizzelles for the cookie exchange. I have to admit that I kinda forgot about the cookies, so I was scrambling to make something with the ingredients that I had at my house. The kiddles love pizzelles (who doesn’t?!), so they were happy with that selection. To be festive, we dyed them red. I also was in charge of bringing cupcakes to the party, so at 11:00 at night, I was baking and frosting cupcakes, in addition to getting teachers’ gifts together. Yippy!


I was completely exhausted after such a busy day and was less than thrilled when the boys woke up after midnight and thought it was time to play. This is how I found them after I came out of the bathroom to go to sleep.


“how many hours until bed time is over?!”

That brings us to the party! I got there just before it was going to start and was greeted with shouts of “MOMMY!!!!!!!!!” from the boys. It’s good to be loved. The kids lined up and began singing their Christmas carols. It is always so cute to listen to little kids sing. It’s never on pitch, the words aren’t quite right, they’re usually looking all around and doing things they aren’t supposed to do, but it is absolutely heartwarming. They all had the biggest smiles on their faces, too, when they received a standing ovation from the parents.


we want YOU to have a merry christmas

Following the program was the cookie exchange. Each child got a chance to pass out Christmas cookies to the others, so everyone went home with a plate full of cookies. Very cute, and a definite perk for our family because I didn’t bake this year.

12 21 2012 2 19 57 PM

Lastly, the kids passed out the gifts they made for their parents. I always love getting the little homemade gifts, especially from daycare, because the teachers come up with the best stuff. They are so crafty and patient to be able to make all of that stuff with little kids. I received a whole bag full of presents from my little men. I didn’t have a chance to go through it all yet, but I can’t wait to dive into it when I get home.


party goodies


mom and her boys

I would like to take the time to thank my daycare and its teachers for a wonderful program and party and for all of the hard work that they put in over the year. Susie, Ginny, Hillary, and Bobbi – I hope you know how great I think all of you are, and I appreciate the care you extend to my family. It is so comforting to know that my children are loved and well taken care of. I never worry about their safety or education while they are there with you. The building might not be the fanciest or the materials the newest, but I could not have picked a better place for my children than Small Scholars University. Thank you all so very much! Parents near the Amherst area, if you are looking for a daycare/preschool or before- and after-school care for your child, you should check this place out. I highly recommend it. Just check out these happy kids!

12 21 2012 2 22 03 PM


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