all i want for christmas is…


It’s time for another post from the kiddles, and what better to talk about than what they want for Christmas. Nothing gets them more excited than talking about Santa and presents, so here it goes!

Cael: A Captain America shield! A stuffed animal. I want a reindeer, a stuffed reindeer. A new book and guys and ships and a pirate house and pirates. Umm…I’m done. 

Alexandra: I want hair color to dye my beautiful hair. And…hmm, this is hard. I want one of those sleepover bags that you color. Oooohh, I know! I saw penguin footies at Kmart, and I wanted them. Momma said for Christmas. Bye-bye. 

Cole: I want a Thor hammer, and I want a Spiderman that crawls up the wall. Yeah, oh yeah! And I want a little pet reindeer. A real one. And I want a dolphin stuffed animal. And I want that reindeer down there (we have a reindeer under the tree). And I want, uuummm, a boy elf. And some new Army men, some rainbow Army men. And I want a new bookbag. And a stuffed house. 

Adrianna: A new mermaid tale (she doesn’t even have a mermaid tale, so I don’t know how she wants a new one). I want a new babydoll house. I want a new play kitchen. And I want Stompeez, the purple puppie Stompeez. I want a new play Christmas tree. I want a new suitcase. I want a new stuffed animal. I want a new bookbag to play with. I want a new pretty ornament and a new lamp, a princess lamp. 

I also asked them what do they think I deserve for Christmas. Here are the answers.

Alexandra: Good behavior from us (the kiddles), so Mommy doesn’t have to yell. No back-talking. Mommy deserves something special. $100 dollars!

Adrianna: A new pretty ornament. New pair of Stompeez for you. A new wreath for Christmas. A stocking. A new jacket. A new pretty Christmas tree candle. A new laundry basket. A new Christmas doll that lights up. DONE! P.S. I love my Mommy (I swear I didn’t bribe her to say that)

Cole: You would get a new house. A new house like your house. And I want you to have a new bed. I want you to have fake hair (got it!) And I want you to have fake teeth (thankfully, don’t have those). I want you to have a new sweatshirt.

Cael: A new angel for my Christmas tree. New high heels…for me. And a new floor. And some new socks, socks, socks. A new couch.

So let’s hope that Santa is good to all of us. Is there something special you are hoping for? 


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