’twas the day before christmas…


I wanted to try something new for the kiddles. Being divorced, they get a LOT of Christmases – my house, their dad’s house, grandparents, even great-grandparents. In the past on Christmas Day morning, they open gifts at both my house and their dad’s house, and then we drive out to Painesville for Christmas with my family. There is one main problem with this – they never get to enjoy any of their gifts I get them because we are constantly on the move. They are also “Christmased  out” when they get to my house and are not really into opening much. So I changed it up this year and ended up surprising them big time!

Sunday night, I set out all of their gifts from me, so that this morning, they would wake up and find a tree full of presents! I knew this was something they would never expect, and that was the reaction I was going for. The looks on their faces when they saw it were priceless!


remember this messenger bag for later


thor costume – check. remote controlled spider – check.

WP_000741 WP_000743 WP_000759 WP_000748

Not to say today went off without a glitch. There was a major glitch, as in Cael-wrecking-Alexandra’s-gift glitch. Poor Alexandra. All she really asked for this year was a messenger bag that can be colored and hair chox. Very simple (and inexpensive) requests, and she got both of those. She was ecstatic and happily started coloring her messenger bag. Not an hour after it was opened, disaster struck in the form of an ornery blonde wrecker. Cael grabbed her bag when she wasn’t looking, took the permanent markers that it came with, and colored all over it. It was awful, and all Alexandra could do was cry (she was too upset to bust out her normal theatrics). I tried to come to the rescue and clean it off, but as we know, permanent marker does not come off. I offered up the next best option as she is sobbing in my arms – we would go to the store and get her a new one. I don’t normally do this kind of thing and I try very hard to teach the lesson that you need to take care of your things because you don’t get replacements, but this was a different circumstance. So off to Kmart I went, with four kids in tow, braving the crowds of last-minute shoppers in search of a replacement color-yourself messenger bag. Craziness. Before we left, though, Cael got all of his Christmas toys bagged up and put away. There was no way I was letting him enjoy his toys after what he did to his sister’s.

We get to Kmart, and unfortunately, there is not a messenger bag to be found. Or a color-yourself tote bag. Or a color-yourself anything. Alexandra was crushed. I told her that she could pick out another gift of her choosing, and she seemed to perk up after that. The bad part about this was Alexandra is super indecisive when it comes to picking out anything. This was going to take a while.


A freakin’ hour plus later, she decided on a Fashion Model Barbie set and was happy. I was happy to finally leave the store, as were the rest of the kids. Surprisingly, Cael was on his best behavior because he knew he was in deep trouble. The kid stuck right by me and held my hand the entire time.


replacement for the messenger bag

We get home, and they have a few more hours until they go to Christmas with their dad. He always gets Christmas Eve, and I always get Christmas Day. It works out well this way because those are the days the respective families do their big celebrations. My Christmas Eve is spent at my Grandma and Grandpa Lesco’s. This has been a family tradition before I was born, and I look forward to it every year. I love spending the time with my extended family but wish my kiddles could see everyone, also.


sarah and sophia


susannah and mackenzie


sare and me


mom, dad, aunt susie, sarah, sophia, rhett


grandma and grandpa lesco

I think the highlight of my night, though, was seeing Christmas lights with Raymond. No, he didn’t come home and surprise me for Christmas (yeah, I wish!), but thanks to Skype, we were able to see the lights in Finwood Estates in Elyria 🙂 We had planned on doing this before he left but forgot. Thanks, Raym! Seeing you made my Christmas, and I love you.

When I finally got home, it was time to play Santa! I had already given the kiddles all of their gifts from me, but Santa still had to make a visit. I set aside the gifts that each kid wanted the most (Alexandra – Barbie with a digital camera built in, Adrianna – Stompeez slippers, Cole – Thor hammer, Cael – Captain America shield) to give to them on Christmas Day. I was ready to pack it up and go to bed when I remembered the stockings! Oops, that could have been disastrous.


santa came to our house!



So now I’m sitting in bed writing this, thinking of what a fun and crazy day this has been. I am blessed with a great family, loving boyfriend, a children who I love unconditionally (even though they drive me nuts sometimes). Not sure what else I can ask for…except maybe a pair of Louboutins (a girl can dream).



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  1. Merry Christmas my beautiful daughter! Love the way the day turned around. Will be searching for a messenger bag for Lexi’s birthday…I think we all will! See you soon.

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