christmas day recap


Whoa, so glad to be sitting in my quiet house after a busy Christmas day. The kiddles went with their dad today at noon, and I have not moved from the couch since then. Here’s the recap of our crazy Christmas.

I gave all of the kids their gifts from me on Christmas Eve, but Santa still made a visit. I guess he thought Cael was good enough throughout the whole year because even he had presents under the tree. I got the kids from their dad’s, took a quick look at their gifts, and headed home. I reminded them in the car that the only thing I wanted from them this year for Christmas was good behavior. They happily agreed.

We get home, and they rush in to see what Santa brought them. The first thing one of them says when they see the tree is, “Oh, that’s all?!” I set aside two of their gifts, the ones they wanted most, to be from Santa. I told them that Santa only brings a few gifts, and the rest are from parents. What I was thinking in my head was, “Wow, ungrateful brats. Do you know how hard I work to be able to get you nice things?!”  After the explanation  they seemed to understand and were excited to start opening.

WP_000792 WP_000794

They started with the gifts first. Alexandra was so happy when she opened her Barbie Photo Fashion doll that has a digital camera inside and shows pics on her t-shirt. Adrianna screamed when she opened her Stompeez slippers. Cole’s reaction – “Oh my gosh, I really got a Thor hammer!” And then there was Cael. His Santa gift was a Captain America shied that shoots missiles. He WOULD have been excited if he didn’t already open one from his dad’s side of the family. He ripped off the wrapping and tossed the toy to the side. I was upset because this was the only toy he asked for, and I thought I was the only one buying it for him. Eventually he decided he would play with it, but it took almost an hour. 12 26 2012 2 06 45 PMAfter all of the opening, I let the kids play and watch a Santa Claus is Coming to Town (love this movie!) while I got ready for Christmas at my parents’. The fighting and yelling was minimal, and I though this is going to be a good day 🙂 Well, I can tell you, the behavior went down the tubes pretty quickly. The boys started their fighting and wrestling (I hate that). Alexandra threw a holy temper tantrum over packing an overnight bag. All four of them were bouncing and fighting on my bed, which was all fun and games until Cael fell backwards and came within inches of cracking his head open on the baseboard heater. Cael quickly recovered and hid his brother’s dart from his Thor hammer in the Christmas tree to be nasty. I was less than thrilled. I called my dad and had him talk with them because I was ready to cancel their trip out to Painesville and thought my dad could maybe scare them into behaving. We were finally packed up and ready to go. As I am driving out to my mom and dad’s I kept counting down the minutes until I could have a much needed drink. 60 minutes to go…45 minutes to go…15 minutes to go…getting off the exit, only about 5 minutes to go! YAY! We arrived. Where’s my wine?!

On the drive out, all but four fell asleep in the car. Past experience will tell you that waking my kids from a nap is never easy, and the results are less than pleasant. Cael wanted to hid in the corner or under the rocking chair and wouldn’t talk to anyone but gave plenty dirty looks. Cole just sat in the chair and played mute. Alexandra and Adrianna were happy to be there until Adri asked where her Stompeez were. OH CRAP! That was the point when I realized I forgot the overnight bag at my house that had play clothes, pajamas, and their Stompeez. She ordered me to go back home and get it, but that was wishful thinking, so she pouted. Merry Christmas, Mom and Dad/Grammy and Grampy! Aren’t you happy to see us?!


note the unhappy one in red to my right

Things settled down a little bit after our arrival. I think the two glasses of wine helped. Then it was the moment I had been waiting for, dinner!  The new tradition at my parents’ is pretty amazing. We don’t fuss with turkey or fancy sit-down dinner. My mom makes roast beef, which I have to say was pretty amazing this year, and we eat it with toasted bread and/or french fries and oodles of gravy. A little unconventional, but we love it! Good thing I did my Insanity workout in the morning.

two glasses in and posing for pics with my sisters

After dinner was finished and dishes were cleaned we did presents. Mom and Dad passed them out to the happy grandkids who ripped off the paper as quickly as possible.


12 26 2012 3 04 07 PM


grammy, grampy, and the grandkiddles

We had some guests this year for Christmas. My parent’s neighbor, his mom, sister, brother, and girlfriend joined us. His mom and sister were part of our Christmas celebration last year, so they knew what they were getting in to. I just felt bad for his brother. His girlfriend is also used to being around our fam, and Cole and Cael both refer to her as their girlfriend. They also adopted his sister into their girlfriend group. This would be relatively cute, if they knew how to behave nicely, but their obnoxious antics and continuous grabbing got them in deep trouble. I was trying to explain to them that they need to treat women respectfully, and they need to behave like gentlemen. It’s not too early to instill that kind of thinking, right?

It is also a Christmas tradition to have a visit from Lynne and Ben. They live in Baltimore, but always make it a point to stop at Ma and Pa Lesco’s for their annual Christmas visit. I look forward to this every year. The cutest part was we were able to see their daughter, Berkley, who was spending her first Christmas in Ohio.


christmas babies


lynney-lou, ben, and berkley


The night was winding down, and so was I. After being up to at least midnight every night over the past week, I was completely exhausted. Unfortunately, the kids still thought it was playtime, and they were bouncing off the walls. Getting them to bed was not an easy task, but eventually, they fell asleep. I took my place on the couch and crashed, thanful that this day was over. I like Christmas and all, but the holidays to me are super stressful. I am sure most parents think this. I am ready for life to return to normal, which for me is also crazy 🙂

I hope all of you had a very Merry Christmas. How did you spend your holiday? 


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