insanity – week 1


A few posts back I said that I was trying something new, the Insanity workout program. All I can say is “HOLY CRAP, this is ridiculously hard!” I have been physically active almost all my life, whether it was cheerleading (don’t laugh, that competitive and college level stuff is the real deal), going to the gym, other exercise DVDs, running, etc., but I have never tried anything that challenges me the way Insanity does. And, you know what, I like it.

I started a little over a week ago with the fit test and wanted to die. When I began the actual program, I didn’t have the schedule that you were supposed to follow (forgot to print that off), so I picked a workout. It just so happened to pick one from the second month – Max Interval Circuit. Bad idea, really bad idea. I could barely make it through the warm-up, let alone the DVD. When I found out that I wasn’t supposed to do this workout until the second month, I was pretty happy. I thought, well, I made it through this one (barely), so bring on the introductory level workouts.

It didn’t matter that the next few were the introductory level workouts. They still kicked my butt all over my living room and had me dripping in sweat. I am sitting here trying to decide which one is the hardest, but I honestly don’t know. They were all challenging. I think the only one that I was remotely good at was Cardio Recovery (notice the key word, recovery).

I do have a confession. I have not followed the schedule completely, and I missed two days since I started. One was because I was so tired that I fell asleep shortly after my kids went to bed (my normal workout time), and the other was when I was feverishly wrapping presents the night before Christmas Eve to celebrate with my kids that morning (in my defense, I did run that day at the gym). Do I feel bad about this? Well, yes. I wanted to stick to the schedule and complete the program the way it was intended. Am I going to beat myself up over this? Nope, I’m not. I am a busy mom who barely has time for herself, but I am giving this the best effort I can. I try squeezing that time in when the kids to go sleep, but if it doesn’t happen, I just need to suck it up and get back on schedule the next day. Some people may say that I’m not motivated or won’t get results because I am doing this half-assed, and to them I say, kiss it. I would like you to get up in the morning, get 5 people ready and out the door by 7:15am, drop kids off at daycare, get to work by 8:00am, work until 4:30pm, grab the kids from daycare, get home by 5:15pm, cook dinner, go over homework, go to the gym (usually 2 times during the work week), give the kids baths, get kids in bed by 8:30pm at the latest, pack lunches, do dishes, and THEN get a workout in. Aren’t you tired just reading this, because I am. And if you are one of those people who follows a busy mom schedule like me, I completely applaud you because I know exactly how hard it is.

So, after getting on my soapbox about busy mom life, I move back to the important stuff, which is week two of Insanity. The kiddles are spending time with their dad this week and the holidays are over, so this is a great week for me to stay on track with this. Since I am off tomorrow, I plan on getting my workout in early, plus I am going to the Cavs game in the evening with tickets I won for being a WGAR Loyal Listener (little shout out to my fave county radio station). I’ll continue to give my weekly updates, and all I am asking from you is your support. Thanks!

Have you tried Insanity or are you currently doing the program? What do you think of it? 

Note: I decided that I was not going to take before and after pics. Something about standing in front of the mirror taking pictures of myself wearing hardly any clothing and letting it all hang out is not appealing to me. Plus I don’t want to look back and possibly be disappointed if there is not a big change. What I am more looking forward to is feeling better about myself and having more strength and stamina for running.


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