wiggin’ out


All I have to say is we had a blast on Friday night! I was lucky enough to win Cavs tickets from WGAR for being a Loyal Listener, so I invited my dad, sister Sarah, and brother-in-law Rhett. I must admit, I am not a Cavs fan or a basketball fan for that matter, but I love going to sporting events. The whole atmosphere and excitement are infectious, even if the team isn’t so great. It just so happened that Friday was also Wild Thing Wig Night in honor of Anderson Varejao. If you haven’t seen this guy, look him up. His hair is absolutely amazing.

We started off the night at The Winker (Winking Lizard). Originally, we hoped to get something to eat and a beer before the game, but the place was packed (we should have known better)! We would have to settle on a liquid dinner at that point and get food at The Q.

cheers, my dears!

We made our way over to the game and grabbed our wigs. We quickly found our seats, and then it was photo op time!

dad reliving his glory days with the fro

Shortly after, the game was about to start…

…and about 10 minutes into the game, Sarah asked when it was going to start (blonde moment).

This really was such a fun night, and I was so excited to bring my dad. I think the last time he was at a Cavs game was when I cheered competitively junior year of high school, and we had to work the nacho stand to help raise money for competition costs (and my friend Kelly and I made “hidden treasure” nachos). You don’t have to do the math to realize that was a REALLY long time ago. So glad I was able to spend this time together with the fam.

Thanks, WGAR, for this night out. It was much appreciated 🙂


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