insanity – week 2 and fit test


Whew! I am so tired, but I am proud of myself. Just completed the week 2 fit test, and I am pleased to say that I improved on all 8 moves! I consider this quite an accomplishment, especially since I have been a bit of a slacker recently. I was spending a little too much time drinking Christmas Ales (occasionally with cinnamon 🙂 ) than exercising, but I am getting back on track now that the holidays are over.

I missed a few workouts this week because I spent some time with the fam out in Painesville and didn’t bring the Insanity DVDs with me. Not sure I would have done them even if I brought them, but at least I could have tried. It felt good to sweat it out again tonight and push myself. I was not expecting much, so I was excited when I saw the improvement. I can feel myself getting stronger, having more stamina, and I might even look a little better (could be my imagination, though). I can actually go through some of the fit test moves without stopping for a break! Now if I could only say the same for the actual workouts. I look forward to making it through the entire session without having to stop and beg for mercy because my muscles feel like they are going to collapse. One day 🙂

I also can’t wait to get back into running! I have taken a small break, mainly because of the weather and having the kids home on break. I have said before, I am not much of an outside runner during the winter. I don’t have the right kind of gear, I worry about falling (just my luck), and I don’t want to risk injury. I am heading back to the gym tomorrow and am anxious to get on the treadmill (gasp – did I just say that?!) I want to see how Insanity has improved my running, and the treadmill will be a nice, controlled experiment. I’ll keep you posted on progress. And, as always, thanks for your support!

Insanity Fit Test


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