what the heck are you waiting for?!


It’s January 3. Have you made a New Year’s resolution yet? Have you broken your New Year’s resolution yet? I know that I haven’t been a perfect angel, following everything I planned precisely, but my goals are on my mind. I kicked it off on January 1 with the Insanity fit test for week two, and I think I crushed it! Quite proud of myself. I had my first run of 2013 on Wednesday at the gym and got 4 miles in. This was the longest distance I’ve run in a long time. Again, quite proud of myself. The kiddles and I went shopping after the gym and stocked up on healthy stuff. We don’t eat like complete pigs and I’m fortunate that the kids are good eaters, but we do have our snacks. I made sure we went heavy on the fruits and veggies, light on things like crackers or cookies, and the things we did choose were the lesser of the evils.

Last but definitely not least, I made my training schedule for the 2013 Cleveland Marathon! Excitement and fear set in as I plotted my plan. This is really going to happen! In May I will be a marathoner x 4!(My inner badass is cheering) I am going to use January as a month to get back into the swing of running on a regular basis, and training starts in earnest in February. I have allowed myself more time to prepare for this race, so I won’t have to cram it into 12 weeks (or 9 like I did for the Honolulu Marathon). All of my long runs are reserved for Saturday or Sunday, depending on how the weekend goes, and I plan to get in 2-3 shorter runs throughout the week. This schedule has worked well for me in the past and prevented burnout and injury (for the most part).

Do you think all of this sounds fun and exciting or at least slightly intriguing? I’m asking you, what the heck are you waiting for?! Running, jogging, or walking is a great way to increase your physical and mental health. Think you can’t be a runner? I had the same thought. I swore I wouldn’t run unless chased, but that all changed after I made the commitment to start. The time to myself and the pleasure of going farther and faster was intoxicating. And please don’t give me the excuse that you are too busy. I think my schedule is pretty filled, juggling work and home life with four crazy kiddles, but running and my health are important enough to me that I make time. We moms (and dads) need to take a little time for ourselves now and then, do something that makes us feel strong, confident, and challenged. I am not asking you to set out and run or walk a marathon, although I would love to see you on the course, but maybe make the commitment to participate in the other great races that the Cleveland Marathon experience has to offer (half marathon, 10K, or 5K). Think about it, and register. Fees go up again on January 10, so you still have a little time. 2013 could be the year that you crush your first 5K or gain that PR in the marathon. The most important thing is starting! 

enough said


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