oh hi, columbus


The kiddles and I took a little trip to C-bus today to visit my brother and sister-in-law. We don’t get to see them nearly as much as we would like, so I was happy to make the drive. Plus they needed me to bring down a super sweet stool from World Market up by my house.

We grab the stool shortly after the store opened and started our (very long) drive to Columbus. I know 2+ hours isn’t all that long, but with four kids in the car, it seems like an eternity. I don’t think we were fifteen minutes in before the infamous question was asked, “Are we there yet?!” Finally, we’re there!!!!! We meet Stevie and Tracy for lunch at McDonald’s and then drove to their house.

The kiddles absolutely LOVE visiting because Aunt Tracy and Uncle Stevie always plan something fun for them to do. Today was bowling! We gave them the pep talk before we left – the usual stuff about being on their best behavior, anyone not listening will go to the car, etc. Everyone happily agreed.

We get to the bowling alley, and they are beyond excited. I mean, wouldn’t you be if you were a kid? Funky, multi-colored carpeting, ever-stylish bowling shoes, being able to hurl a ball at things, not getting gutter balls thanks to the bumpers, and loud music and noise everywhere. We grab our shoes and take our place at the lanes. Let the game begin!

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Everything was going well until the boys decided they didn’t want to listen. They have been getting in a lot of trouble lately due to wrestling, as in they think it is appropriate to do it ANYWHERE. Grocery store, school, any open living room, and yes, the bowling alley. They were warned. Cael heeded the warning and shaped up his behavior; Cole decided it would be a great idea to push his sister off of the stool. Not cool, Cole, not cool. He lost out on bowling his last few frames and eventually found his way to the car. And you know it is never good when your mom says, “We’re going to the car!”


temper tantrum

Next stop was Cold Stone Creamery. I find it was funny that Stevie and Tracy treated us to this because the kiddles were just asking about it this morning. They love ice cream (definitely my children). Because Cole was such a PITA, he lost out, so I sat in the car with him as the other kids went for their treat. I think Stevie was feeling bad, and after about 10 minutes, he came to the car, saying we couldn’t sit out here in the cold. Cole, with tears in his eyes, apologized to Uncle for his bad behavior and walked to Cold Stone. He sat there, watching the other kids eat their ice cream, still tearful but knowing better than to ask for anything. When the other kids were almost done, Aunt Tracy and Uncle Stevie appeared with a cotton candy ice cream cone with sprinkles and gummy bears (just like the other kids), and said because he apologized and sat at the table nicely, he was able to have a cone, too.


all smiles at cold stone creamery

After the ice cream, we went to play this crazy game. There are lights, and you have to touch them before they go off. The kids just ended up running all over but had a blast.



Last up was a trip around the little Christmas village. I know Christmas is over, but who doesn’t love a gigantic tree?!


After our outing, we went back to their house. Stevie grabbed a movie for them in an attempt to have them chill, so we could visit. Thankfully, it worked ๐Ÿ™‚ After a quick dinner, we were out the door. Shortly before we left Alexandra started complaining that her head and stomach hurt, and she continued to cry and whine almost the entire 2+ hour drive home. I was so happy when we finally walked in the door, and I could put them in bed. It was a long, but fun, day.

Thanks, Stevie and Tracy, for having us. We love coming to visit, and I am looking forward to seeing you soon!


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