insanity – week 3



Can it really be a little over three weeks since I started Insanity??!! Yep, it has, and I feel great. Don’t get me wrong.  The program is still incredibly difficult, but I am making some definite progress. I am pleased to say that my strength and endurance has improved. I did a 42 minute session yesterday (Plyometric Cardio Circuit) and was able to make it 31 minutes and some odd seconds in before I collapsed. The second round of basketball jumps, level 1 drills, ski abs, and in and outs did me in. I didn’t stop completely, just took a quick break and got back to it. I think this is the week that I am finally able to complete an entire session without a break (besides the allotted water breaks). I will keep you posted.  I am also going to be running outside this week with the nice weather. I am anxious to see if Insanity has helped with that.

Another thing I am going to brag about is I have lost 4+ pounds! My intention of doing Insanity was to tone up, lose some extra poundage, and improve my running, especially for the Cleveland Marathon. It has been said that for every 10 pounds you lose, you can gain 20 seconds per mile. Check if out here. Plus, it is a good feeling when you put on your pants, and they are loose in the waist. Don’t worry; I’m not trying to go all skeletal on you. I am not quite sure I have 10 pounds to lose without looking unhealthy. I got way too skinny about 3 years ago (under 100 pounds…absolutely gross), and I don’t ever plan on weighing that again. Besides, some muscle and curves look better than skin and bones (just my opinion here).


not going for this look when i’m running

Lastly, I brought Raymond into the Insanity club this week, and I am hoping he will do a few more sessions with me throughout the program. While he was gone, I kept telling him that he needs to try this when he gets back. We did a workout together on Tuesday (Cardio Power and Resistance), and he is still saying that he is sore. I told you this stuff was no joke!

Next week is week number 4, and I will transition into the second half of the program. It will be filled with a lot of the Cardio Recovery sessions, probably to prep my body for the punishment that will ensure during week 5. As Shaun T would say, “Peace out!”

Where are you in the Insanity program?
What are you doing to improve your running strength and endurance? 


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  1. Basketball drills/level 1 drills/ski abs/in and out abs circuits always kills me too in Cardio Power! But I always feel good after i complete that killer workout. This is my first week of Round 2 of Insanity. I’m hoping I can actually lose weight this round since the holidays are over and my half marathon training kicks in next month.
    Hope you enjoy the rest of insanity!

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