perfect day for a run


I don’t know about you, but I am absolutely loving this weather that we have had for the past few days! I think Cleveland is confused as to which season it is, but that is perfectly fine with me. I am not a cold weather kind of girl. Anything under 50 and I’m freezing. The 60 degree days are greatly appreciated. I think there was a collective cheer from all runners in the area.

Today was my first outdoor run in a long time, about a month. I was quite a lazy bum most of the day due to going out last night for a friend’s birthday, but I couldn’t let this great day pass by without running. I dragged my butt off of the couch, put on my running clothes, and was out the door. I was eager to see how I would do. My hope was all of the Insanity workouts would improve my running.

I stepped outside and was completely amazed at the weather. It was gorgeous! I wish I had my phone on me, so I could have taken a picture. The best part about this run – I only had on shorts and a thinner long sleeve running top…in January…in Cleveland!


shorts in january (don’t mind the pale legs)

I started off as I normally do, a little conservative, not quite knowing how far I would go before fatigue set in. Before I knew it, I finished my first mile and still felt okay. I’ll let you know that my least favorite part of running is the first 2-3 miles. I don’t even get into a rhythm or get my breathing down until that point, so it is usually a painful time for me. The second mile came quickly, and during this entire period, I was actually seeing paces under 9 minutes/mile (this is a huge accomplishment for me). I knew three miles was coming soon, and I kept going. My watch alerted me that I finished another mile, but when I looked down, I was only at 2.84 miles total. I knew something was wrong, and that was when I realized I kept hitting the lap reset button on the watch instead of the button to change the watch view. Stupid Stephanie! I guess that is what I get when I don’t use my watch and run outside for a while. I dug in for the last bit and finished 3 miles before I decided to stop and fix the watch situation. I looked at the pace and couldn’t believe it. I completed 3.02 miles in 28:30:51, which gave me a 9:27 pace! I’ll take it! The last time I did 3 miles outside my pace was 10:23, so I was pumped that I shaved almost a minute off per mile. Thank you, Insanity!


I was still about 2.75 miles from home, so I walked a little while I reset my watch and then began running again. I thought my watch started, until I looked down and saw nothing but the time. Crap, I lost satellites when I was checking my history, and for the past .5 mile, my watch was recording nothing! How could I have had another blonde moment on this run? I hit the button to search for satellites and kept running. Finally it connected and started tracking. I was a little defeated at this point with the watch situation and the crazy wind that I was running against. I wanted to stop and walk, but my desire to get in another 2 miles was greater than that. I kept running and thought that since I know I did at least .5 mile without the watch tracking, I only needed 1.5 miles. Then I decided that wouldn’t be good enough. I needed the watch to show at least 2 miles, making it a legitimate 5 for the day. I trudged on, already very tired at this point, but I made it to 2 miles after doing a few laps around Raymond’s apartment building. I stopped my watch and looked down. The pace wasn’t too bad (10:03 – this is more my usual style). Overall, I was pretty pleased with myself for good times and doing over 5 miles 🙂



and…i’m done! a little flushed, a lot sweaty, looking rough, but pretty happy.

Raymond made sure he took advantage of the great weather, too, and started his run when I was being a lazy bum and sleeping on the couch. He is easing himself back into running after taking a little break from it in the fall to focus on grad school. I am really happy about this, and I am very excited to say that he is also running a Cleveland Marathon event – the half marathon! It’s nice to know he will be there to help cheer me on at the end of the full, especially since his school schedule didn’t allow him to come down and see me rock the Columbus Marathon last October.

Since we did so well on our runs today, we thought what better to do than treat ourselves to a little Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream!


mango and raspberry sorbet for me, peanut butter hot fudge sundae for raym

treat-to-self-2Mitchell’s is, by far, my absolutely favorite ice cream place ever. Best flavor, in my opinion, is the Caramel Sea Salt. I couldn’t even begin to do the ice cream justice, so just do me a favor and try it for yourselves. Mitchell’s also partners with local businesses to concoct some delicious flavors, and one of those is Christmas Ale Gingersnap made with Great Lakes Brewing Company’s Christmas Ale. They have made this for the past two years, but they only have it through December 31. You should have seen my face when I saw it was still available. I knew that ice cream needed a home in my freezer.

WP_000957 (3)

So there it is! Another great day in the Land of Cleve.

Did you run today? How far or for how long? If you didn’t run, how did you enjoy the nice weather? 


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  1. Glad to hear your run went well. I absolutely love to run on days like today. Everyone is outside, enjoying the warm weather and in happy moods (except for a random dude in a Denali but thats a different story). I got out today for an easy 8 after work, prepping for a long run tomorrow morning.

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