double birthday date


As most of you know, today is my daughter Alexandra’s 8th birthday. What you may not know is my daughter Adrianna will be celebrating her 6th birthday in 10 days! Yep, I get hit with a double whammy right after Christmas. It is hard to find something that they really want because they get a ton of stuff for the holiday. I am usually left scrambling to find something but not this year! I surprised the girls with Disney on Ice tickets! (Be warned, this post is going to contain mass quantities of pictures)

The day started when I picked my girls up at their dad’s house. They knew I was coming to get them for something, but they had no idea what was planned. I handed them envelopes with a paper inside for them to read. Lexi read it out loud to Annie, Cole, and Cael and then screamed. Annie and she were going to Disney on Ice today at Quicken Loans Arena at 1:00pm, AND our seats were 5 row from the ice! Needless to say, they were excited.


oh my goodness, disney on ice!!!!!


very happy birthday girls

Disney on Ice for a birthday date :-)

all dressed up and ready to go

We left and went to pick up Raymond, who was also joining us for the birthday celebration. I told the girls we were going to grab lunch before heading to the Q, so we picked Five Guys. Who doesn’t love burgers and fries!?

WP_000968 Lunch at Five Guys!

Next stop, Quicken Loans Arena! We parked the car, walked forever (thanfully, it was all indoors), and made our way into the arena. Of course we were bombarded with souvenirs and outlandishly overpriced trinkets, to which I said, “No way!” I had something else planned for them after, and I knew they would like it better than anything they were selling there. We made our way to our seats and were all pretty excited. Five rows from the ice is amazingly close. I couldn’t believe how great our seats were!


getting ready for the show to start

WP_000976 WP_000977 WP_000994 WP_001017 Disney on Ice

After the show, we walked down and had a picture snapped of the four of us. We tried twice unsuccessfully to have people get a picture of us before the show, but each time the guy chopped Adrianna’s head off. At least this was a nice shot.

Great day with the birthday girls!

great day with the birthday girls!

On the walk back to the van, we had to go through Tower City and couldn’t resist stopping by the fountain. The girls threw some money in and made wishes.

WP_001036 WP_001038

After the show, we loaded into van and drove to The Melting Pot. I wanted to do something with them that they would remember, was only for big girls, and was something they hadn’t done before. This was definitely a good choice The girls had no clue where we were going until we pulled up. Lexi concluded that it had to involve chocolate, but she didn’t know exactly what was going on. We walked in, got a table, and explained the whole fondue process. We didn’t plan on a whole meal, just the best part – dessert! We ordered chocolate peanut butter fondue with all kinds of dipping goodies, such as strawberries, brownies, bananas, marshmallows, and cake. Our waitress asked if we were celebrating anything special, and we told her that we were here for the girls’ birthdays. After bringing us the chocolate fondue, she came back with this! The girls were so surprised and excited!



Raymond also gave them their gift at the restaurant – Just Dance 4 for the Wii. This was a perfect gift for them because they love those games. I love them too, so it was also like getting a little present for myself 🙂 WP_001045

We drove Raymond home after this, picked up Cole and Cael, went grocery shopping, and finally made it home. It was a wonderful day, and I hope it is a birthday that my daughters won’t forget. I don’t think that material gifts are necessarily the things that are remembered the most; it is an experience that is truly treasured. Happy Birthday, Alexandra and Adrianna! I love you more than anything.


goodnight from the kiddles

What was the most memorable gift or experience you received for your birthday? What did you do to make someone else’s birthday special?



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  1. For my wife’s Golden Birthday (she turned 27 on September 27th), one of her friends and I worked together to obtain 27 letters from family and friends that talked about what each of us loves and appreciates about her. I obtained many of the letters and her friend arranged all of the letters in a scrapbook-style format. I managed to get letters from people from all sides of both of our families and plenty of friends, which was cool because we knocked out the project in three weeks. Somehow we were able to keep it a secret and we surprised her with it at her birthday party–she loved it!

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