insanity – week 4


HOLY COW! Week 4 already?! Time is flying by! I have (semi-successfully) completed 4 weeks of Insanity, and I am transitioning into the second month where all of the really hardcore stuff begins. I can honestly say this program has already helped me. I’ve dropped some weight AND, most importantly, increased my strength and stamina, which has improved my running! If you haven’t had a chance to read my post last weekend about my outdoor run (perfect day for a run), I’ll let you know that my pace was under 9:30/mile. The last time I ran outdoors, it was almost a minute more per mile! I consider this some serious progress. I know it’s not fast, but this is quite an accomplishment for me.

I know in my last Insanity post I said I thought this would be the week that I made it through an entire session without taking a break. Well, it didn’t happen. This past week I’ve done a lot of doubling up where I would run first and then do the session. I was pretty tired by the time I got to Insanity. I am pleased though that my breaks are getting fewer and fewer as I go through the sessions. This week is filled with Cardio Core and Balance to help prepare my body for the punishment it will receive next week. As always, I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Thanks for following this journey with me.


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