insanity – week 5


I am a little embarrassed to write this, but I need to be held accountable. I have a confession – I completely bombed this week’s Insanity workouts, and to make it worse, it was the easiest week!!! Not quite sure why, but I felt like I had no motivation or energy whatsoever. Once the kids went to bed, I was just dead tired. I might have (semi) legitimate excuses (I wasn’t feeling well, it was a busy week at work and home, I had to plan my daughters’ birthday party, etc.), but it just comes down to the fact I was a lazy bum. I am sure my energy level would have improved if I had gotten up off my butt, but I didn’t. I did the recovery workout once. That is just sad. To make up for my horrible week, I am going to extend the recovery week for the rest of this one and hit it hard next week when I start the second half of the program. No more slacking!

I wasn’t completely without physical activity. I decided to give the 100 Pushups app a try, since I saw a lot of tweeps talking about it. Plus, my arms could use a little extra workout. I feel like I am starting to get bat wings, and that junk just isn’t cute. When I did the test, I was able to get 20 pushups in before I couldn’t do any more. My reps have gone from 45 total to 63 total in 4 workouts, so that’s at least some progress. I also got two runs in this past week, and they were good ones. I did 3 miles on the treadmill, with increasing speed (anywhere from 9:30 to 8:57), and it was effortless. That is always a good feeling and a confidence booster. I am looking forward to getting some more running in this week, and I start my Cleveland Marathon training plan in earnest in February.

Have you been hitting all of your fitness goals lately?
What do you do to motivate yourself (I could use some pointers)? 


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  1. I finally lost those last pesky 10 lbs from college! The key to success? A month-on/month-off regime. Basically, I’ll declare January to be a healthy month. I’ll max out at the gym, eat really well with the goal of showing lower fat %/weight by the 31st. The following month, I’ll still continue my healthy habits, but at a less brisk pace with a couple pizzas and ice cream treats during the month… The goal for “normal” months is to maintain my weight at fat %. This approach has helped me stay sane and attain continued progress over a longer period of time. The rate of progress is slower but overall the long-term trajectory has been stable and more permanent than previous attempts to keep the weight off.

    Since I know I can shed 5 lbs in a “healthy” month, I don’t freak out if I gain a couple pounds knowing that I am able to work hard and melt it off in a few weeks. That confidence keeps me from falling off the bandwagon.

  2. It was a tough week for me too Steph! I did my workouts, but basically trudged through them, no spirit for it. I try to just find one thing that can motivate me for each day’s plan-new song on my Ipod, new flavor of Gu, different running route, etc. I guess too much routine is my enemy. Good luck this week! You can do it!

  3. January has been a month to forget on the fitness front for me. Between snow on the ground, plantar fascitis scares, and sicknesses\injuries, I’ve struggled to get in one solid week of training. If you count yoga\stretching as training, then things aren’t quite so bleak, but I haven’t gotten in three solid runs in a week all month. Thank goodness this flu-esque crap I have now coincided with the snowstorm. I’d feel worse than I do now if I looked outside and saw a beautiful day with joggers running happily up and down my street. I’ve maintained my “base” of 5.5 miles, for which I’m pretty grateful, but it’s not like I’ve had a bunch of satisfying, invigorating runs every week like I did last fall.

    I’m thankful for two things though. 1.) Miraculously, I haven’t gained any weight (and even lost some) even though I’ve been eating out multiple times per week. and 2) All of these setbacks happening at once are occurring now rather than April or May.

    • I hope you are on the road to recovery! Definitely better to happen now than April or May. I got hit with “impinged fat pads” in my knees a month before last year’s marathon, and I was a hot mess. Good luck!

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