happy birthday, adrianna!


my adrianna michelle

People who say you couldn’t possibly love a second (or third or fourth) child as much as your first obviously don’t have multiple children or any children for that matter. My beautiful yet ornery Adrianna Michelle was born six years ago today, and she keeps life interesting. Annie came into the world crying and carrying on, and she hasn’t stopped since. But she is special and wonderful, and I couldn’t imagine life without her. I love her so very much.

annie baby

my sweet little baby on the day she was born

crying annie

ahhh…typical adrianna

In all honesty, she is a smart little girl with a desire to learn new things but to do it her way. She is very independent; she taught herself to ride a two-wheel bike at age five and didn’t want help from anyone. It didn’t matter if she fell. She was going to ride that bike no matter what. She is very loving, though, and leaves me little notes, along with her sister, in my bedroom telling me that I am the best mom ever. She makes me smile every time I look at her, especially when she does this crazy little sound that we call her “doodle noise.” She is becoming quite the little lady, although she won’t think twice about decking her brothers if they do something to upset her (we need to work on this).

Today is her 6th birthday. Please leave a birthday wish for her. I know she will appreciate your thoughts and so do I. Thanks in advance!


happy birthday, adrianna!


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  1. Happy Birthday! Wow, 6 years old!!! I remember your mom posting pictures of you as a little itty bitty baby…and now you are getting older and starting to become a little lady! You are as beautiful as your Mom! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!!!

  2. Happy 6th Birthday to my super adorable niece! While at times you can be difficult, you certainly are extremely caring and entertaining. It’s hard to believe you are already in kindergarten and growing into such a sweet little lady! I love all the time we do spend together especially girl weekends when we kick uncle out of the bed and eat lots of popcorn and watch movies:) I hope today was special and I’m glad you got two desserts;) Love you Birthday Girl!

  3. Thank you, friends and fam! Your comments are greatly appreciated. Didn’t have a chance to share this with her before bed, but she will definitely be excited tomorrow when I read it to her!

  4. Happy birthday little lady! You have grown up so fast! I love to hear your stories from your mom! She just smiles ear to ear. She is so proud of you! hope you have a wonderful day. Happy Birthday!

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