insanity – week 6


HOLLA! This was a great week for me in terms of Insanity workouts and running. I definitely snapped out of super slacker mode. The only day that I didn’t do something was last Friday because I was completely dead tired and knew I had a longer run on Saturday.

In case you didn’t read about my progress (or lack there of) from last week, I extended my recovery period because of not getting in more than one Insanity workout the week before. I also wanted to increase my running to get ready for my Cleveland Marathon training plan, which begins on Saturday, Feb 2. I have to say that I loved the Cardio Core and Balance workout, and it was a great way to transition into the next phase of Insanity. The workout had some hard parts, like the hip flexor burners and shoulder burners, but the rest wasn’t all that difficult. I am very pleased to say that I FINALLY made it through an entire Insanity workout without taking any extra breaks. I did it on the very last day of my recovery week and felt it was a fitting accomplishment to move into the harder phase.

Running – now this made me really happy! I was able to get in 4 runs this past week, which is more than I have done since I was training for the Columbus Marathon. Here’s what I had: 3 miles on Monday (9:30 pace), 4 miles on Tuesday (9:26 pace), 3 miles on Thursday (9:13 pace), and 6 miles on Saturday (9:49 pace). For me, that 6 miler was HUGE. I haven’t run that distance since October, as I have mainly been hanging around 3 and 4 miles. I was very happy about this because it puts me ahead in my training schedule, which had me starting at 4 miles. This gives a little extra wiggle room in case I bomb a run or two (as expected) or want to get a few more long runs in before my taper. I would also like to note that I am getting a little faster!

Lastly, I have been doing the 100 Pushups app on my phone. I am up to 71 total pushups now (not all in one shot; that’s total reps in 5 sets). They are getting easier, and I’ll have some arm muscles in no time!

And to wrap this up, I had to complete another Fit Test tonight before moving to the next phase. I was definitely worried about this, but I think I crushed it! 🙂 Check it out! Please excuse my recording error for Switch Kicks. I recorded them incorrectly last time. Instead of counting 2 kicks as 1 rep, I was counting actually kicks, but not tonight! I totally kicked butt in my opinion.

Insanity Fit Test Week 6


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