ladies and gentlemen, i have a runner!



I have some great news that makes me extremely proud. My daughter, Alexandra, is going to run the St. Malachi 2 Miler with me in March! I planned on running the 5 mile race like I normally do, but Lex has been wanting to run a race since she participated in the Lorain County Breastfeeding Coalition’s Milk Run in the summer. I thought the 2 Miler would be perfect for her.

The last run she did was only 1 mile, but she rocked it out and ran the entire thing. I knew with a little bit of training 2 miles would be a piece of cake. We took advantage of the nice weather on Tuesday to start our training. She was at her dad’s house, so I planned to have us run around there.

First we started off with some stretching because that is important. We also talked about pacing, form, and conserving energy…you know, running stuff 🙂




pre-run pic

We started off on the street. There are no sidewalks where her dad lives, but there is a track close by. We dodged the puddles and headed over there.


look, mom! i’m running!


the track was .4 miles around

We made our way into the park where the track was located, and Lex was still going strong. I wasn’t quite sure how far we would make it before she needed a break, but she definitely surprised me. The first lap around the track was effortless, and she was ready for another. We kept going, and with a little water, she was fine. I asked if she wanted to go for 3, and the answer was, “YES!!!” That’s my girl!

We were almost done, and I told her to sprint the last bit. I kept cheering her on as she ran down the straight away. It was one of my proudest moments as a mom.


crappy shot but you get the idea


i’m done!

I was wearing the Garmin for our run, so I could track our distance. When it was all done, we went 1.4 miles in 16:11! She was actually faster than that because I kept hanging back to take pictures. I was so amazed that she was able to run that far, and she still had some energy left after to pose for a picture.



11:33 pace

So there it is – 1.4 miles with my baby girl 🙂 She went much farther than I thought, and I know she will have no problems running 2 miles by March. What’s next after St. Malachi? I think I see a 5K in our near future.




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  1. Love this! I am trying to train my sister for her first 5K (she’s only 9). We are aiming to have her ready for her first 5K by the end of April and Ryan or I will run/walk it with her. Then in May or early June we are going to let her run one on her own!

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