charles children invade the rainforest



The kiddles were off from school today, so I decided to take a day off too and do something fun with them. With the weather being kinda crappy, we opted for lunch at McDonald’s and a trip to the Rainforest at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. We have a family pass that lets us into the zoo and rainforest, so it was an easy and fun choice.

2 15 2013 1 00 51 PM

happy leprechauns

I could share all of the details, but this post is better suited for the kiddles.

Alexandra: We had fun at the zoo. We saw porcupines and orangutans. We saw colorful birds, but I don’t know what they’re called (they were macaws). We went in the big magical tree and the house that the scientists would live in in the Amazon. We had a snack after in the food court. We got a pretzel. We also saw frogs, snakes, and fish. Oh, and I almost forgot, monkeys that were black and white, but I don’t know what they’re called (Francois’ monkeys). Adios, amigos.


my girl getting all sciency in the field station

Adrianna: We saw the pretty monkeys. We saw the magic tree (it is a spiral staircase to the second floor that is inside a “tree”), and we saw the piranhas. And we saw the crocodiles. We saw the monkeys eating food, and the owners (zookeepers) talked to us and they were really nice. We watched them eat lunch. We saw them eat salad and sweet potatoes. We went up the magic tree. We saw…what’s that snake that you like, mom?….oh, the python. And it was cool, and it’s mom’s favorite thing. We got to look at the frogs. And see saw the thing in the cage and it was tiny and looked like a baby deer (chevrotain). P.S. I love my mommy (I swear I didn’t bribe her to say that). There’s my blog post!!!


Cole: Mom, I can’t wait to do this (write a blog post)! When I was at the zoo, we did see the orangutans. And we saw porcupines and I saw a deer on the way back. And we did eat a snack at the zoo. We were seeing stuff that lives in the water. And we saw monkeys and we saw, umm, some more monkeys. And Lex and Annie were not behaving. That was a funny one. And Cael was running around (he obviously likes to tattle). Mom had to yell at us at the rainforest. And we did eat dinosaur gummies.


Cael: I like the messy monkey and the baby one. And I like the big waterfall. I saw Lexi and Annie do something bad. I saw fishies and I saw the crocodile that was this small (held his hands up to measure). And the monkey did do this to me (he pointed forcefully – the mom orangutan was very unhappy when they were up by the glass close to her baby). I like the magical tree. I like my baseball game (this is super random). I like my snack. I like all of the animals. Done!


at the top of the “magic tree”

WP_001221 WP_001242


What’s your favorite thing to see at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo? 


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