mission accomplished



When I completed my application to be an official blogger for the Cleveland Marathon, I said that I wanted use my blog to inspire others, especially moms, to do something for themselves that will not only help them be a better parent but also help them lead a healthier life. If one person started running, walking, racing, any physically active because of me, I would feel like I accomplished something. Well, readers, mission accomplished!

I received a Facebook message from my friend Danielle (affectionately known to all as “D”), who is also one of my sorority sisters from college (a little shout-out to my ZTAs out there!). Here’s part of her message.

“Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that you’ve inspired your crazy ‘ol Zeta sis. I am planning to sign up for my first official run! Well…a walk. But, gotta start somewhere, right?! The Color Me Rad 5K is coming to Syracuse in May, and about a dozen of my friends and family members are going to sign up for it when registration opens. I don’t know the first thing about running, so I plan to walk the heck out of it, LOL. I’ve enjoyed reading the running information that you post, so I just wanted you to know that you’ve managed to inspire the laziest person on the planet to do something healthy, haha.”

How amazing is that!? This really made my day! Thanks, D, for the message and for seeing me as a source of inspiration. This meant so much to me. Good luck with your 5K! Color runs are absolutely awesome!

And speaking of color runs (nice segue  huh?), did anyone else see the Groupon for the Run or Dye? Definitely bought one of those. I did The Color Run last year and would have done it again this year, but I just couldn’t pass up the two-person race registration deal for Run or Dye. I am still kick around the idea of who will be my running partner. It is between my daughter, Alexandra, and Raymond. Maybe they can fight it out…or race. My money is on Alexandra if it’s a short-distance sprint. That girl is fast! Here are some pics from the 2012 Color Run.


i’m done!!!!!!


combined so many things I love – Chick-fil-A, diet Dr. Pepper, running, wearing a costume, and being colorful



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