winner, winner chicken dinner!


Up until about 2-3 years ago, I had the worst luck. I couldn’t win a single thing. But now, I almost feel guilty for how lucky I have been. I’m kinda like the queen of giveaways 🙂

Yesterday, I received an amazing prize pack from Glam Karen and the Cleveland Clothing Company! I love their clothes and other products, and I literally squealed when I found out I won. Take a look at the goods!


Today, Raymond and I took a trip to the Cleveland Running Company in Shaker Heights to do a little shopping. Back at the end of January I won a $100 gift certificate to their store from my friend Christian’s blog but haven’t been able to make it out that way until today. The staff was great and extremely helpful, and I walked out there with 2 tanks, a pair of shorts, socks, and a super sweet magnet to put on my fridge that says “Will Run For Chocolate”. So appropriate.


We used being in Shaker Heights as an excuse to check out a new restaurant. We don’t make it out that way much and with it being Cleveland Restaurant Week, we decided it was a great idea. Our restaurant of choice was fire food and drink. All I can say is delicious! The short ribs with the polenta and spinach were amazing.


We finally made it home, and I found a package waiting for me at the door. It was a Body Glide prize pack from The Runner Dad! I was going to buy more of this to get me through the 2013 running season, but I was fortunate enough to win this from him.


A huge THANK YOU again to all of the people/businesses listed above. I am so appreciative and look forward to using the products!

What was the best prize you have ever won?



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