you know you’re an adult when…


You get excited over new appliances! Yesterday I received my new washer and dryer. HOLLA! I will clarify this by saying although I was not thrilled about plunking down the money (err…I mean my Sears card) to purchase them, I am so excited that I can’t wait to start washing. I had a great washer/dryer set, but it didn’t come with me in the divorce. I was still mourning the loss of them until now.

Sunday, I was doing my usual chores, which included mass quantities of laundry, and the motor on my washer died in the middle of my third load. The washer was filled to the top with water and clothes, and it just decided it would stop working. This is part of Murphy’s Law right? An everyday, important household item won’t break when it is sitting there; it will only break when you are in the middle of using it. I didn’t have time to think about it, as we were running out the door for Girl Scouts, so I unplugged it and left. I figured I would think about it later. Later came, and I emptied my washer with a cup and squeezed out the water from the clothes by hand. I felt Amish, maybe even worse than Amish. They at least have the rollers to wring out the water, right?

I took a little trip to Sears after the kids left with their dad to check out the goods. This was a good choice because they were running a deal for 12 months of no interest on qualifying purchases. I found a washer I liked and figured if I was buying a new, high efficiency washer, it only made sense to replace the dryer with the same type of model. I got the info about the two items and brought it home to Raym. He is much better with large purchases than I am and I respect his opinion, so we looked over everything that night. I got the seal of approval, and we went to Sears during lunch on Monday to order.

This brings us to Wednesday. I had to take some time off of work for the delivery and installation, which wasn’t a big deal. I was pleased that the delivery guys were there when they said they would be and were extremely fast and efficient in taking the old appliances out and putting the new ones in. Thanks, Sears!


old appliances

So, here they are, all shiny and new. They are high efficiency Whirlpool ones. I think this washer is fancier with more settings and buttons than some cars, and I didn’t even get the super high end one! Honestly, the only things I was looking for in a new washer and dryer were large capacity, energy efficient, and budget friendly. I got all of those.


new ones!

The delivery guys also saved a box for me to make the kids a house. It was waiting for them in the living room when we came home yesterday, and it definitely made their day!




box house in all its glory


i had one who wouldn’t cooperate for a group shot

Now let’s do some laundry! If only folding was a fun.


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  1. I feel the same way Stephanie! I had never had a new stove or fridge and we received both as (generous) gifts this year from family. The fridge has the freezer on the bottom and so much more room on the top. I still can’t believe what it looks like when I open the door! 🙂 Definitely a grown up thing!!!!

  2. Since we always seemed to need some new appliances I can appreciate your excitement! Also, remember how much fun all of you kids had with the boxes!

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