making fitness a family affair


Like any parent, I want my kids to be healthy and develop good habits, which include healthy eating and physical activity. I think we have the healthy eating part down (mostly…we still enjoy our snacks but in moderation), but it’s hard to get physical activity (besides the usual fighting and running around the house) added to the busy schedule, especially in the winter. The Lorain County General Health District, WOBL/WDLW, Lorain County Metro Parks, and Mercy Health Partners have helped make this a little easier for us because they hold Fitness Walks every Monday from 5:30-6:30pm at Splash Zone in Oberlin. We’ve gone a couple times, and the kids have a blast!


the future running crew

The indoor track at the Splash Zone field house is the designated walking area for the winter months, and Splash Zone doesn’t charge you the usual entrance fee for participating. It’s great because it is a family-friendly activity that costs me nothing! Lexi and I have used it a few times to help her train for the St. Malachi Run this weekend. Annie, Cole and Cael just love running around the track, and I love it because it helps tire them out. They can do as many laps as they want, and I don’t have to worry about them running off. I am able to get a workout in too. Easy peasy lemon squeezy (as Adrianna tells me).


cute kid alert

If you live in Lorain County and are looking for something fun, give the Fitness Walks a try!


What types of activities do you do to keep your kids moving and active?


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