celebrating easter – the sick edition


we don’t look so sick now, but tylenol, motrin, and amoxicillin work wonders!

My fam and I can’t seem to shake the germs! It all started two weeks ago when we had the Great Wolf Lodge trip that didn’t happen, and since then, at least one of us has been sick. Between the five of us, there’s been fever, chills, headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, stomachaches, sore throats, body aches, and, most recently, strep throat. Yuck. I was down for the count the past few days to the point I couldn’t even get off the couch, and to make it worse, the kids are with me now instead of their dad. I was very thankful that he was at least willing to take them for a little bit, so I could try and recuperate.

The kids were extremely excited and shocked when they woke up this morning to find that the Easter Bunny had come one day early. He left a note explaining his visit, and said since they would be with their dad on Easter, he wanted them to have a whole day to enjoy their gifts. What they found even more amazing was the Easter Bunny pulled my van out the garage to get the baskets in the attic and left it parked in the driveway. They even said that they hoped he didn’t poop in the driver’s seat. (Note: the baskets weren’t up there. They were buried beneath the mounds of Christmas stuff that still inhabits the basement, and this was realized after the trip to the attic.)




happy kiddles

The original Easter plan was to go to my parents’ house today, but that wasn’t happening. They thankfully braved the germs and came to our house to celebrate. Fingers crossed they don’t get strep. Annie and I have it, and Cole has an appointment tomorrow morning at 8:15 because he has the same symptoms as us. Thank you to Cleveland Clinic for having pediatric appointments on Easter. I am sure seeing sick kids is exactly how the doc wants to spend her Easter, but I am extremely thankful that they felt his appointment was urgent enough to have him seen within 24 hours when I made the call today.

While I’m on the habit of thanking, thanks to my wonderful sisters and brothers and my Aunt Patty who spoiled my kids rotten this Easter. This place looked more like Christmas to me after they were done opening everything. We love you all and wish we could have seen you. Enjoy your day tomorrow.

WP_0014701dde3e98-cef8-4a91-bd06-3749673321af (4) 1dde3e98-cef8-4a91-bd06-3749673321af (3)

Mom and Dad, thank you! You saved Easter for us! I was so happy you were willing to come out, make dinner, and you even color eggs with the kiddles. We love you so much!


all smiles with grammy and grampy

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After my parents left, it was still early enough for the kids to spend some time in the sunshine, and they NEEDED to get out of this house. I didn’t let poor Cole go outside because he was still running a fever and hasn’t been put on meds for the inevitable strep throat. Of course he whined about it, but I tried to make it just as fun for him inside as the other kiddles were having outside. I think I succeeded. He looks pretty happy to me 🙂




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