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boston marathon

There is nothing I can say that hasn’t been said already about the unfortunately incidents at the Boston Marathon. The sheer horror is unimaginable. What is probably the most celebrated running event has been tainted, and innocent lives have been damaged or lost.

This event shook the running community at its core. Races, although competitive, help bring runners closer together and strengthen the camaraderie that makes the running community so great. Countless hours of training and dedication by the runners and unending support and love from spectators were destroyed by an act of evil. But then, did the terrorists really succeed? Did they destroy us? While they brought the Boston Marathon to its knees, the event uncovered some of the traits that make our country and citizens so great, and the world was able to witness this firsthand. First responders sprang into action within seconds. Bystanders, eager to help, offered their services wherever needed. Runners who just completed the grueling race continued running to help people and donate blood. These are things that make me extremely proud, and they will serve as the sliver of silver lining.

With the Cleveland Marathon quickly approaching, it will be hard to not think of this event as we continue our training and make our way to the start line on May 19. I am dedicating my marathon to all runners, spectators, and citizens of Boston because it is the best way I can give back and honor those killed, injured, and affected. I will run, knowing full well that nothing can stop true spirit, motivation, and dedication.

human spirit


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