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My freak out over running the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon has officially begun! Having already run three marathons you would think it wouldn’t be as bad, but I think this is the worst it has been. I contribute this to being a blogger, which I LOVE, but it adds extra pressure to do well. I know that I need to write that race recap when I’m done, and I want it filled with words about a great race, not a poor one.

Anyway, I wanted to pull myself together to write a post about last minute tips. This will help me feel better prepared for Sunday’s adventure and remind me to do everything that I’m listing below.

Tip #1 – Hydrate like a mad man/woman! Have you been checking the weather lately? It’s gonna be a hot one in CLE, so make sure you’re preparing for that. I have been drinking my water like a champ (although I hate water) because I am trying to avoid issues that I had last year due to not drinking enough. Carry a bottle with you during the day and drink up!

Tip #2 – Wear sunscreen! It will be painful enough following your race. Don’t add insult to injury by frying your skin. I know that my pasty body hasn’t really seen the sun so it is going to be in shock on Sunday, but at least it will be slathered in SPF 50. My apologies in advance if I blind you with my paleness.

Tip #3 – Bring a change of clothes. I hate being all sweaty and wet after a race. They offer gear check, and I suggest you take advantage of this to have some dry clothes to change into, unless you get prime parking and can make it back to your car easily. Bring absolutely everything – shorts, shirt, socks, underwear. You will just feel better.

Tip #4 – ENJOY THE DAY! This is something I personally have lost focus of but need to keep in the front of my mind. Like many of you, I have trained for months to prepare for this one race, and that was stressful. It’s time to put all of that hard work to use and shine.

Good luck and best wishes to all CLE marathon, half marathon, 10K, 5K, and Kids’ Run runners, and thanks in advance to all of the family and friends who have supported us on this journey. See you at the finish line!


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