i ran a(nother) marathon…now what?


Congrats again to all Cleveland Marathon full marathon, half marathon, 10K, and 5K runners and walkers. You rocked it, and I hope you’re all recovering well. My legs were back to normal yesterday, and I felt amazing on my first post-marathon run earlier today. As happy as I was to cross the finish line of my 4th marathon, I have to admit that I’m sad it’s over. I am one of those people who enjoys training for a few reasons. One, it is very goal oriented, and I like that. I push myself each week to go a longer distance or obtain a faster time. Two, it makes me accountable. It is so much easier to slack when I’m not preparing for a race. Three, there’s a payoff in the end. I mean, I just completed 26.2 miles! I think that’s pretty huge.

So, what’s next? Sometimes after marathon training, I am just burnt out on running but not this time. I was so excited to get back out there, mainly because I recovered so quickly. There are a few shorter races that I’m eyeing for the summer. If I can finagle it, I want to run the Towpath Ten Miler on June 16. I love this race and wasn’t able to do it last year. My sister, Sarah, is getting into running, too, and we are hoping to run the Sunrise Run in our hometown of Painesville on July 14. Not sure if she knows it or not, but we’re doing the 5 miler, not the 2 miler. I still have yet to run the Johnnycake Jog, so that’s part of the plan, too. And lastly, in August, Sare and I are running in the Run or Dye 5K color run. I’ve said it before – give me an excuse to wear a costume for a run, and I’m there! As far as any substantial distance goes, I am still deciding on whether I want to run the Columbus full or half marathon on October 20, and I would like to run the Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon in Cleveland on October 6. Sounds like a fun but pricey summer and fall, right?


isn’t it obvious?

In addition to all this running, I’ve started Operation: Slim-Down. I packed on a few pounds this marathon training season, mainly because I was eating carbs like it was my job (well, I guess it was my job at that point). Time to put down the muffins and blast the muffin top! I started using MyFitnessPal again to track my food and exercise, and I plan on doing the Insanity DVDs. I am not sure if I am going to follow the program exactly; I might just come up with my own little schedule. I also picked up a MOVband at the Cleveland Marathon Expo, so I’ve been tracking my activity. You wear it like a watch, and it records your movements for the day (better than a pedometer, in my opinion, that only tracks steps). You can set goals for yourself and work to reach that every day. The best part – it was around $30, much cheaper than a FitBit or Nike Fuel Band.


The driving force for getting in better shape is Raymond’s sister’s wedding; I don’t want to look like a giant next to all of his tiny relatives. And do I even have to mention that it’s bathing suit season?! Raymond’s housing association has a pool, and the kiddles are dying to swim. I’m not quite ready to trade my bikini for a mom suit (no offense to my fellow moms out there), so I better get to work. Although at Target I did see a super cute black one with Spanx that looked like a dress. I considered it for a minute.

What are your summer fitness/health goals? 


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  1. I’ve been using myfitnesspal this year and its been great. Lost 36 lbs so far. Also was able to run faster for longer. I’m no dr but I switched from carb loading to protein loading.

    All that stuff aside, I’m going to start training for the Akron full after the wifey and I go on vacation the first week of June. Have a good summer!

  2. I am considering training for the Columbus Half! I am running 3-5 miles now, but it’s been really difficult during my night shift rotation :/ But I’m hoping it works out! Maybe I’ll see ya in Cbus! If not, I told Sare I’d like to do the 5 miler in Painesville for sure! Yay! Congrats again on the marathon Steph! You are truly an inspiration!

    • I hope you run Columbus. It is, by far, my fave race. I think you can do it 🙂

      I’m excited about you running with us. With you, Sare, and me, it will definitely be a good time!

      • For sure!! How can we not have a good time?! Haha Zak has run Columbus and he said its definitely a good one for my first half bc it’s pretty flat and there’s a lot of entertainment along the way to keep ya motivated. We’ll see 🙂

  3. Just found your blog! I think it’s awesome! I’m a newbie runner- I’ve ran 3 5ks and a 5 mile race so far. I’m doing the Towpath 10-10! I really wanted to try for the 10 miler, but then I injured my calf about 3-4 weeks ago so my training took a break. I guess I will be doing the 10k. Awesome job on your 4th marathon! That’s so amazing. 🙂

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