“stay well”


That is what my Grandpa Lesco would always say to me as we said goodbye. The last time I heard that phrase was Mother’s Day, May 12, and it is the last time I will hear it from my grandpa. Sadly, our family lost a great man, our patriarch, on Monday, May 27 at age 83, but I am taking comfort in the fact he passed away a happy man, at home with the woman he loved.


february 2013

I think there are few people who say they have accomplished as much in life. By accomplished I don’t mean money or fame. My grandpa had so much more – family and lots of it. First and most importantly is my grandma who was his “beautiful bride” for over 60 years. In an age when more marriages fail than succeed (I am living proof of this), this is a testament to love and devotion as well as sacrifice and compromise. Secondly, he had five wonderful children who went on to provide the family with 16 children and gave him the title of “Grandpa”. Lastly, many of those grandchildren went on to have their own children (15 at this point), ushering in a new generation and bestowing “Great-Grandpa” upon him. Quite fitting in my opinion.


it started with two… (summer 2012)

We all love and miss you, Grandpa, and until we see you again, stay well.


60th anniversary mass (summer 2012)



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