somewhere over the rainbow – cole and cael’s preschool graduation


miss susie, miss hilary, and miss ginny with the graduates

On Friday, May 31, my sweet baby boys had their preschool graduation, which means next year, they will be moving up to kindergarten. Our daycare/preschool is pretty awesome in the fact they let all of the children participate in the yearly graduation but always reserve something special for the graduates. This year, their class only had five kids, all of whom were saying goodbye to preschool and hello to kindergarten. Additionally, we all were saying goodbye to Small Scholars University, the daycare my family has been part of for the last seven years. Small Scholars is closing its doors on June 7, so they went all out with a fabulous graduation celebration.

This year’s theme was “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” complete with rainbow decorations and invitations, tie-dye shirts, and themed candy bar and cupcakes. To start the celebration, each of the kids walked down the center aisle to the graduation song, “Pomp and Circumstance March”, before taking his/her seat in front. We all recited the Pledge of Allegiance, and then came a slideshow. This was not just any slideshow. It was a trip through the school year, starting in the fall and highlighting all of the fun events that they children had done. With such a small class and a great group of teachers, the kids were constantly doing fun and interesting projects, like an apple orchard field trip, science experiments, special lunches like the Green Feast, and lots of projects centered around books they were reading. The thing that really set this slideshow apart was the music. It was recordings of the kids singing their alphabet, color, and seasons songs. I get a little teary just thinking about it. Nice touch.

Next the kids sang us the songs they had learned. It’s always funny to watch little kids sings. Whether they forget the words or just stand up there doing anything but singing, it is just so cute. My kids are usually the ones doing something else besides singing except every now and then they throw in a few words.


preschool group hug!

A graduation celebration wouldn’t be complete without diplomas. Each child was called up to receive a preschool graduation diploma and smile for the camera.


Following graduation, there was a potluck and time to snap pictures with the teachers. This was a bittersweet moment as we were all happy for the children to be moving on but sad that they would be leaving the daycare that took such good care of them.



Thank you, Small Scholars, for a wonderful preschool year and graduation! I am so thankful for the education my children received, but it was so much more than that. I know that at your center they have been loved and cared for, and we are going to miss you more than you know.



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