a love of creepy crawlies



My kiddles, like many kids their age, are fascinated with creepy crawlies, and I completely encourage this behavior. I like the fact they are eager to pick up the potato bugs living in the flowerbeds or hold the worms that wriggle about when they lift rocks. I don’t want them to grow up being scared of things like this, so when I had an opportunity to get them up close and personal with a snake, it was game on!

When I was little, I would go looking for snakes around our house. I just thought they were cool, and I knew the perfect place to find them, which was “the pipes” behind my street. Usually the snakes I found were small, but I still remember the one time I caught a big one that wrapped its body around the top tube of my bicycle as I tried to bring it back to show my family. I also remember my dad finding snakes to show us. I didn’t know until a few months ago that he did NOT like snakes at all, and he only found them because he knew we would like them. That is true fatherly love right there.

When I was mowing the grass in my backyard this Saturday, I saw something slither in the grass and go under the wood beam that separated the grass from a small garden area. A snake! My kiddles would be so excited if I could catch this. I lifted the beam, and a small garter snake was curled up. I grabbed it and shouted to the kids, “I have a snake!” You would have guessed that I said “I have ice cream” because they came running.

no wimpy girls here!

We put it in a bucket, so they could look at it. Then Adrianna asked if she could hold it. This year in kindergarten her teacher had her nephew and niece bring in their snakes to show the class. These weren’t just tiny snakes. One was really big, and each kid in the class got to pose with it. Annie Banana loved it! She was even educating me about snakes after this visit.

Annie in Kindergarten with Snake

that’s my girl

Once Adrianna held the snake, the other kids wanted to, also. This poor thing endured handling by four very excited children before we let it go behind the fence. The kids were adamant that it go home to its mom, but they are ready for me to find more in the backyard. dc47a92d-60ef-4a69-a8c5-0063b292d56d WP_001871


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