the drop off


the drop off

I have to admit that my physical activity has taken a serious hit since running the Cleveland Marathon in May, and I have one thing to blame – my kids’ baseball. As soon as the marathon was completed, we started full swing into baseball and softball season. I am spending about 4 nights a week at the baseball field and not getting home until 8:30pm. This really doesn’t leave much time for running…or cooking…or cleaning…or anything that constitutes having a real life. My poor kids have been surviving on a diet of yogurt, cheese sticks, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, apples, carrots, the occasional concession stand treat, and whatever snack the volunteer parent brings to the game that day. I don’t even remember the last time I cooked a real dinner during the work week. I just keep telling myself, “Only a few more games!” If you haven’t been able to tell from my FB status updates and tweets, I am not a fan of baseball and softball. I think many of the moms resemble the cast of Mean Girls, just not as pretty and plastic. The dads are unsuccessfully reliving their glory days through their five-year-olds who would rather throw dirt and roll in the grass than pay attention to the game. I think there are parents who need to realize that their son/daughter isn’t God’s gift to the baseball world, so they can crank it down a few notches and let their child have fun. Seriously, your tee-baller doesn’t need a special Nike batting helmet, eye black patches, and batting gloves; Under Armour wrist bands; and cleats that probably cost as much as my running shoes. That’s just overkill in my opinion. I bet you are asking if I complain so much about it, why do I let me kids play? The answer is simple. Although I am not a fan of baseball and softball, I am a fan of my kids. They enjoy it, and that makes me happy. So I continue to allow them to play, knowing that I only have to suffer through about 6 weeks of this before we can move on and enjoy the rest of summer.

I can’t say that I’ve been a complete bum this whole time. I have been sneaking in a run when I can both outside and on the treadmill, and being so busy really makes me appreciate those runs. My diet needed an overhaul after months of (delicious) carb loading, so I got back on the MyFitnessPal bandwagon. This has really helped me keep track of exactly what I eat and how much, and I definitely have skipped a snack or dessert or two because I don’t want to add it to the app. It’s genius, really. That’s not to say that I don’t have cheat days; I most certainly do and relish every single gluttonous moment of them. But I am pleased to say that I am down a few pounds and feeling fabulous.

So, back to running. Do I have any races coming up? I most certainly do! I had a few on my “wish list” that I posted back in May but had to revise it due to family commitments, etc., so here’s my new plan. My first race will be the Women Who Run 4 miler in Cleveland, and to make it even better, my sister, Sarah, is running her first race this day! I am beyond excited to share one of my favorite sports with my fam. July will be a pretty busy month for me, so not quite sure how much I can squeeze in. That month might be race-free. On August 4, the kiddles and I will participate in the Milk Run at Lorain County Community College. We did the 1 mile fun run/walk last year, and the kids have been begging to do another ever since. The coolest part was all four of them ran the mile instead of walking. Run or Dye is August 10, and Sarah will be running this with me, also. I am really looking forward to this race because we will be wearing costumes. If you haven’t heard me say it before, I love any excuse to get dressed up and run.

Serious running starts back up in the fall. I got in on the Rock ‘n’ Roll Cleveland half marathon when they were running the National Running Day deal. I felt like I couldn’t pass that opportunity up. I am pretty sure my friend, Susie, is running this too, and I know my other friend, Mary, is signed up. The thing that made me laugh is it will only be my second official half marathon. Any other time I ran that distance was during marathon training. That brings me back to marathons. I am still undecided about whether or not I will be running the Columbus full or half marathon. Why so indecisive? I am waiting to hear from my sister on whether or not she wants to take on 13.1 miles. The price increase doesn’t happen until the end of the month, so I have a little time to torture talk my sister into running her first half. If she runs, I will sign up for the half and run with her. If she decides to pass, I am definitely in for my second Columbus marathon. It has been my favorite race to date, and I am expecting great things from this year’s race.

What do you have planned for this summer and fall? Training for anything major or just want to enjoy yourself?


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  1. Steph – As always, I love reading your blogs! I just started retraining for my next 5K today. Not quite a marathon, but it feels like one to me. Keep up the great work!!!

  2. Reading your stories about baseball/softball crack me up! We are in the same boat right now mama! My little guy moved up a league this year and imagine my surprise when I discovered that all games were 2 hours long and started with a half hour practice. Cue living my life at the ball field from 6 to 9pm! The best is when the dads/coaches decide we should start another inning at 8:27pm when the league cut off is 8:30. I had to put myself in time out to prevent a rage-fest. A few more games! You can make it. Now, I just need zero rain outs that will extend the season.
    I’ll be there with you at the Rock’n’Roll half! Who could say no to that discount-it’ll be Phil’s first half as well.

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