women who run recap & my sister’s first race


yay, sarah!

I am a little late in writing this recap, but better late than never. This past weekend was the Women Who Run 4 mile race and 1 mile walk in downtown Cleveland, AND it was my sister Sarah’s first race EVER! As you can imagine, I was excited to have a member of my immediate fam run a race with me.

I guess Sarah had enough of me pressuring her to run a race, and she registered for the Women Who Run with me. My opinion was this race was a perfect first-time experience because it was all women, had tech tees, coordinated its own expo, and was only $20. That’s pretty hard to beat. Plus, we would be running in downtown, and I love that. Sare had been running for a while and already completed a 5 miler on her own, so 4 miles would be a piece of cake.

We met up at Edgewater Park on Saturday morning, and Raymond was our chauffeur. Sare and I are paranoid of driving in downtown, and Raym thankfully drove our pathetic butts to the race. He also acted as our cheerleader (bonus points for that one). We couldn’t leave, though, until we put our sparkles in place. This was Sare’s first time wearing a Sparkly Soul headband. I know she will be as addicted as I am.


pre-race meet-up at edgewater park


rockin’ a little sparkle from sparkly soul (aka best headbands ever)

We got to the Galleria and thankfully found street parking behind the building. We got in, grabbed our packets, made a quick bathroom stop, and then hit up the expo booths. I love me some good freebies! Who can pass up free chapstick, bags, and shirts?! And do I even have to mention that Purell was the title sponsor? Free hand sanitizers! If you know me, you know that I absolutely love hand sanitizer.



The weather wasn’t all that great, but at least it wasn’t pouring. It was humid out, but the sprinkling kept us cool. We made our way to the start line and secured a spot near the back. I told Sare we would start there, so we didn’t feel pressure to go faster. As you can see from this pic, Sare was a little nervous. And the lady who unintentionally photobombed this shot is fabulous!


The bell rang, and we were off! I had a little snafu with my watch as in I couldn’t get satellites, but that was the only issue and resolved after the first half mile. We kept a nice steady pace, and before we knew it, we hit the first mile. One thing Sare was really great at was keeping a steady pace. I kept accidentally speeding up then had to slow down. Oops.

Mile two clipped by, and Sare was feeling great. Same thing with mile 3. Raymond was there a few times to capture the action. Of course we mugged for the camera.


oh, hey!


sisters in sync

We were in the home stretch when we hit an incline. Still feeling great, we powered through. I told Sare that we were going to pick up the pace for the last mile, and she agreed. We were at the last quarter, and we both kicked it in. I think Sare may have been a little frustrated when I kept saying that we need to keep sprinting, but she dealt with it 🙂 We saw the clock down the last straight away, and it said 43 minutes. Our goal was to make it there before 44 minutes, and we succeeded!


After the race, I grabbed Sare and squeezed her! I was so proud of her for completing her first race ever, and I was definitely impressed that she chose a 4 miler for the first one. Congrats, Sarah! Maybe next time we can try a 5K!



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