vote for my kiddles, please :-)


By now you should know that I like to post pics of the kiddles on my blog. They are funny and cute, at least in my opinion, and I want to share that with you. The Lorain County General Health District is running a photo contest now through August 8, and my kids are in it. They wanted residents to show pictures of what they feel is physical activity – swimming, playing, bike riding, running, exercising, etc. The top 10 finalists get their picture displayed at the Lorain County Fair during the week of August 19-25. I would like to be able to show the kids their pictures hanging up there, so this is where your help comes in.

I have two pictures entered, but you are only allowed one vote per day. I would greatly appreciate it if you could send a vote their way (I will even say, “pretty please with sugar on top!”) and keep voting now through August 8. I will note that you can only cast one vote per day, so pick the picture you like best and keep voting, or you can alternate your vote each day.

Click HERE to vote for the picture of Lex and Annie. Here’s what it looks like.


Click HERE to vote for the picture of Cael. And here he is.


If you’re wondering where Cole is, don’t worry. He was an extremely adorable finalist last year, so I’m hoping his brother and sisters get a chance this year.

Thanks in advance from the kiddles and me! And if you don’t mind sharing this on FB or Twitter, that would be great too!

To check out all of the entries or enter your own pic, visit


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