happy birthday, cole and cael!


It’s hard to believe that five years ago I became a mother of four and welcomed Cole and Cael to the world. My sweet (and extremely ornery) twins have been a source of love and pride from the moment they were born. Being a mom to two girls, I was terrified about having sons. “How do I take care of boys?! , is what I kept asking myself on a regular basis. I always wanted daughters and never pictured myself as having a son, let alone two! All of that changed when I held those little babies.

IMG_3031 (2)

my sweet baby boys, less than an hour old

IMG_3039 (2)

cole (left) and cael (right)

IMG_3046 (2)

the “little hombres” with great grandma and grandpa lesco

In the world of twins, everything is double. Double stroller, double feedings (breastfeeding no less…that was sheer craziness), double dirty diapers, double car seats, double laundry, etc. It also brings some wonderful joys. Two newborns swaddled and lying together, side by side, in the crib. Two unsteady babies trying so hard to take their first steps. Two preschoolers, rushing to greet me at the door, so proud of the projects they made me for Mother’s Day.

IMG_4834 (2) 0403001401 (2) IMG_4884 (2)

Although they are twins, Cole and Cael are individuals, and I love their differences. Cole, the older brother by four minutes, has more of a sensitive side. He is usually the first to offer a hug and kiss when I am having a bad day. A bit of a momma’s boy, he will still occasionally indulge me and let me cradle him like a baby, but he’s quite a bit heavier now, making this difficult. I will take all of this I can get because I know it won’t be long before they are embarrassed to have me hug them, let alone pick them up. Cole is also a bit of a ladies’ man, making a point to flirt with any and all cute waitresses, sales girls, hairdressers, etc. Age doesn’t matter to him; he will be just as quick to compliment the 60+ aide at the girls’ school as he would the 20-something serving his ice cream. All he has to do is flash that dimpled smile and happily say to them, “You’re my girlfriend.” They melt every time.

Cael, my baby boy, has more of a wild streak. He has always been a little more adventurous than his brother, quick to jump in and explore. Impulsive would be a good word to describe him. He is a constant ball of energy, and I get tired just watching him. Cael has his moments that continue to pleasantly surprise me. I will be tucking him in and make a comment about what a big boy he is. “But I will always be your baby.” This response brings tears to my eyes as I scoop him up in my arms. He also likes to creep into my bed on certain mornings and cuddle up next to me, which is extremely sweet, but then when the other kids wake, he makes it a point to agitate them by saying he got to sleep in my bed. Ahh, typical Cael.

1010111328 (2)

I know they are not babies anymore. The tiny infants who barely made it on the growth chart when they were born transformed into chubby, blond-haired, blue-eyed toddlers, busily navigating their world that consisted of two houses – mom’s and dad’s. Those toddlers are now gone, and in their place are little boys ready to take on kindergarten in August. I still stare at them, amazed that all of this happened so quickly. I grasp at memories of when they were babies, but I know more memories have yet to be made.

0402011637a (2)

Happy 5th birthday, Cole and Cael. I love you more than you could ever imagine. Thank you both for making my life complete. As a person who wasn’t even sure she wanted to be a mom, I can say I was completely wrong about that and could not imagine my life without you and your sisters.

WP_001638 (2) IMG_3670 (2)

Readers – If you don’t mind, please leave a birthday wish for Cole and Cael for me to read to them later. Thank you in advance.


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